Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Now that I had some time to reflect on my weekend.
Panniers vs trailer: This could go both ways. If you are a 100% bike tourist then I would say panniers. I rolled a little bit faster with bags only. Just a little. My average went from 12 to almost 14. Thats big when your talking hundreds of miles. However, if you are only a casual bike tourist, then the trailer makes more sense as you can use it for tons of other stuff and can use almost any bike to pull it. And its a lot easier to pack your stuff in the trailer. Just toss it in and go. And the bike is easy to kickstand when all the weight is in the trailer. A 100 pound bike is hard to kickstand.
Its easier to get in and out of hotels with panniers. While the trailers space makes thing easier, its cumbersome to get in and out of buildings and tight spaces. I remember I usually disconnected the trailer to get in a hotel. All said and done. I would choose panniers. But thats for me. Maybe not for you.
Other stuff I had that I didn't last time: First off, last time I packed my cumbersome laptop with me. This time I had my android phone. That phone, with google maps was amazing and packed more punch than my laptop. It told me where I was, where I needed top go. It found hotels and campgrounds and coffee shops for me. On a bike tour, that service is huge. Laptop no longer needed. And the camera is good enough to leave any other home. I threw away my paper maps.

Checking out my seat dilemma, the one I used was just way too big for me. Still cant ride. Hope to by the weekend. Still cant believe I did that. Live and learn. The seat is in the garbage (it was old).

As I play catch up at the store, my thoughts are almost 100% cross bike stuff as I have the clinic to set up, then the race. Its game on in the cross world. 3 weeks till Crossvegas. Getting a little exited.
So quietly my bike your, as short as it was, is now done and gone. Bike cleaned up and out on sales floor. Time to move on.

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