Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catch Up

Good times.
Almost fit.
Now I remember why I post everyday. Cuz so much shit happens that I cant post it all without writing a book. Studys show that you might spend maybe a minute and a half here before moving on. So I gatta move quick. Saturday, after the morning group ride, had me at a family function by the lake so I brought the Pug for its first ride. Lots of fun. I started riding it in the lake but was a little leery of going too deep. After a beer I went deeper. Then two beers had me riding the bike in water over the tires. No pics. But it was epic.

Andy and Frank
Sunday had me in Mad town for Trekworld. The yearly pilgrimage for all Trek dealers and All things Trek. Informative seminars. New bikes. Little two day getaway.

Jens and Fabian
Again, I bit off more than I could chew this weekend and once again ditched the bike race. I assure you that I had all the good intentions of going but once again bailed at the last minute. Just too much at once. Now... I have two days to get my shit together for my bike tour. I will be amazed if I do so correctly. Either way Im north bound Friday morn. Maybe late Thursday.
Im a little stressed over that.
Imagine that. 

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