Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Had me a little cross ride this morn. I crashed in the woods. Its been awhile since I rode the cross bikes and the season is closing fast. Ive got the clinic on Sept 3rd and our race on Oct 30th.
Preparations for those events are keeping me busy. 
And I just booked my flight to Vegas to once again spectate at the biggest cross race in the nation. You know Im talking about CrossVegas.
I'll stop by Interbike since Im there too.
The change of seasons is upon us and I could have used arm warmers this morn.
I have parked the Madone for good. Time to sell it to some lucky person.
From now on its cross and MTB.

I have borrowed a Brooks saddle from a buddy and will give it a try on the Surly Trucker. I have never sat on a Brooks and dont understand how something so simple looking can work so well but I have an open mind and and will put some miles on it.
I would like to do another short tour before cross season starts. Maybe late Sept. Once it hits Oct I am going to be super busy as our MTB race is also in that time span. So a few days off as soon as I get back from Vegas (like that is going to be work) should do me some good.

Glad to be back in the saddle.


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Big Oak said...

I think you'll like the Brooks. I love mine!