Thursday, August 11, 2011

And so it begins..............

By this time tomorrow I will be gone.
Having mounted my Long Haul Trucker and pointed the headtube north.

While I am not exactly sure where Im going, I did start with big plans and as time go's on they started to get smaller and smaller.
I wanted to leave today. But as it turns out I gatta close the store. And thats just fine with me as it gives me the morn to pack and figure out the tent, etc. 

Strangely, I cant help feeling a bit of dejavu as my thoughts drift my tour of 08 and that point in my life, which was not the best of times for me but the tour of 08 was a bright spot in a bad time.

Still, Im having flashbacks. Then I was gone 18 days and rode almost 1000 miles. This trip will be 1\4 of that at best. No biggie. I will be riding diferent this time. All panniers, no trailer. Last time I rode Pinky (before she was Pinkie) with a couple small bags and a Burley Nomad trailer. No real reason I ditched the trailer, it worked well. Just trying something different I guess. On a sidenote, my Trucker has the same exact crank and front chainrings as Pinky did at that time so I mixed in a little old school for good luck.

Later this afternoon I will plan tomorrows route and timeline. Im planning on about 70 miles. Nothing spectacular but I will have a longer option if needed or wanted.

I do have all the gear I need. What I did not buy I borrowed. But all is set in that regard. Im going to close with a pic from 2008. In fact, if you click on the pic you will get the entire album of that ride. Really, its the second half of that 18 day sprint as I lost my camera half way thru and had to buy another one on the road. Anyway, this most likely will be my last post till I return. Im thinking Tuesday. Maybe.

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