Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Rays of hope. 824am
Lets talk a little bit on how bad my perspective was pertaining to my time on the bike. And how it almost made me ditch bike riding altogether. Yeah.... that almost happened. Its tough to admit, even more so cuz I own a bike store but I'll post this just in case others are at the same crossroad.
Its no secret Im over weight. Have been my entire adult life. Its kinda weird, I never lose, nor gain any more or less weight. Im always right around 258. Yes, I know I can lose. But weight loss for me is not easy. In some way I dont understand, Im not normal in that regard. What works for most does not work for me. Anyway.... weight has always been a challenge for me.

But what is a bit hard for me is that I am a fat guy living in a skinny guys world. For the most part, I make it work. I do my best to live with it but still get the comments or strange looks behind my back. Even at the store. Who is this fat guy telling me how to ride a bike?

In the past I have lost weight, and felt the impact it had on my riding. It was wonderful. It was fun to ride fast. And climb fast. To pull the group for extended time. To nail down rides at 20+ average. But the fact is that I suffered greatly to lose that weight and do not have the lifestyle to support it. It really hurt. So it was short lived.
Now that Im back to what I call "normal" weight I feel better, and strangely, my fitness level feels better, more power for sure, just with extra weight. But my mental issue is that I ride with some pretty fast guys and gals. Cat 1,2 and 3 riders. And I know Im going to struggle. And I do. Badly. I get dropped like a sack of dirty diapers. 
And that was all good in the past. Cuz I always had a "B" group to fall back on. But this year I have not rode with the "B" group. Its been all "A" group. So with the battering I took from these people all summer my self esteem on the bike plumetted. Keep in mind these riders could win a Cat 1 race at any givin time this summer. And worse was the routes that led us to the hills.
I was pounded in the ground and dropped ride after ride. Then I stopped trying.
Then..... I almost stopped riding. I was making future plans to ditch the bike, bike riding, even the store. Time to move on another chapter. I was miserable.

Then I came to my senses. Getting blasted on the group rides sure was disheartening but I had to remember who they were. Fast bike riders. Maybe the fastest within a 30 miles radius.
While in the back of my mind I knew that but it still didnt make me feel better to have to ride alone 40 minutes into a group ride. Then... enter Sundays race. Sunday I was put back in the fold of riders that in the past I gauged myself to. And was plesantly suprised that really I was not that bad on the bike. Self esteem was taken up a notch. And I feel much better now.
Now, when riding with the Cat one guys Im back to at least trying as hard as I can.
I hear others complaing about their bike fitness but please keep in mind you must compare apples to apples when you are struggling.
I cant belive how much better I feel on the bike compared to a month ago. And I gatta belive its more mental than physical. Zone 5 hurts just a little bit less now.

I think Im going to be OK.

Monday, August 29, 2011

I am a Clydesdale.

Fellow Clydes?
Today I have the luxury of actually having something to post about. I raced my bike. And had fun doing it. First off, you ever go to a race with someone and then on the drive home get a turn by turn recap of his\her race (twice)? I am not that guy.
The race was fun. I led my category from the first turn on. I rode as fast as I could at times. 5 or 6 guys from other category's past me climbing. All skinny. The wide open, double track suited both me and the 29er Superfly. We worked together. I won. 
Thats it.
I will say something tho.... I always go back and forth on what category to race. Should I do Clydesdale or my age group straight up. Sunday I did Clyde cuz I was not sure of my fitness level. In May, I raced age group and finished 7 out of 15 and was happy with that having 80 pounds on some of the other guys. But racing and winning Clyde was good for me for several reasons. 

First off I was pleasantly surprised with my bike fitness. Way better than I thought and I think the bike tour a couple weeks ago helped a ton. And second, look at the guys who places second and third. Clydes? Maybe by numbers only. The guy on the right I consider skinny. Taller but skinny. The guy who took third on my left maybe just broke into the 200's for weight. Not much more that that. I weighed 258 that day. And at 51 was the oldest. At first, winning Clyde was kinda sandbagging to me. I always feel like winning what could be the slowest class in WORS was kinda a bummer. Like it should not even count.

But I dont feel that way about Sunday. Im kinda proud of that win.
Looking at the results and the podium, I am the oldest in my category. And while I cant say the biggest or Clydsdaliest of everyone since I didnt see them all, for sure I had a minimum of 50 pounds on the other guys who medaled. It just makes me feel better about my size and age. Im so used to our group rides all summer getting the crap beat out of me by the Cat one guys that after half a summer of that I start questioning why Im on the bike in the first place. And I know thats bad but that how I feel after getting dropped ride after ride.

So Sunday, racing well with my peers was the shot in the arm I needed. I guess Im the fastest old and fat guy I know and if thats all Im going to be on the bike, I'll smile and take it.


Friday, August 26, 2011

More MTB

Yesterday I had the best MTB ride of the summer, maybe the best all around ride of the summer. Hit up the New Fane trails. This is a lesser known trail system actually designed by IMBA trail people. 

Saw this guy(or gal) sleeping. Its on the top of the door trim at the bathrooms there. This dude had to have crawled up the side of the bathroom wall to get there. he was six feet up. Anyone know what species? I do not.

The trails there are awesome. They are very close to our local trails in Greenbush but without all the rocks. These trails are way faster a flow smoother. I felt pretty good on the bike and could even feel the 10 pounds I lost last month. I think Im ready to do battle Sunday. The weather has been and is going to be beautiful for MTBing. I plan on having a good race Sunday but if you remember my standard for a good race is pretty low: 1) Dont fall down.  2) Dont finish last(in age) 3) Pass someone, anyone on last lap. Very simple and (almost) always doable. Especially now that I got my MTB mojo back.

Its game on. For real.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, August 25, 2011


When people come from out of town to the store to rent bikes the first thing they ask is how to get down to the lake. Its the first thing they want to ride to. Living next to one of the great lakes is a privilege I never take for granted. Its amazing how such a thing can become invisible to some.  Not to me, but I guess I can understand to some. I am still amazed, even after living here all of my 51 years, how this thing just grabs my imagination. At times, I cant take my eyes off it. And is part of why my HP is my HP. Todays visit was awesome. Sun is out. Saw an eagle. Good start to the day.

As I type Im waiting for my Trek rep to show. He will help take care of some store issues and then I will scoot him out the door so I can again grab my MTB for a few hour of practise. Its Thursday and Im still on for this race Sunday. It will only be my second race this year but this course is Clydesdale friendly and I should have fun. And the practise sessions are kinda fun too.
Bring it on.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I rode my Superfly! I rode it for real! 
I have a bad memory, but the last time I rode this bike may have been during the secret training camp in early July. If thats the case then Im a bad person.
I used to be about 80% MTB but this summer that changed a bit with all the cross bike riding and having the coolest road bike to ride didn't help either.
That, along with the fact its so much faster to ride from the store as opposed to driving out to Greenbush. But today........
I rode my MTB and plan on doing it again tomorrow.
Its Wednesday and still plan on racing Sunday. 
Just try and stop me.
On second thought, maybe dont cuz thats what happened the last two time I was to race.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everyday a Suprise in the HP.

Todays HP visit brought s little surprise. I have been in the place almost everyday for the last 5 years and I have never seen this. Most would call this a "water fountain" but in Sheboygan the are called "bubblers". Not sure why.
Whatever you call these things this one is out in the middle on nowhere, just sitting there on the beach. I checked it. It works.
I think they should ditch it.

Am hoping to get in a ride today. But I am alone in the store until this afternoon as my mechanic has the next two weeks off. So Im pulling double duty for 14 days. With a little help for sure. The week long countdown to actually racing a MTB is still on. I need to get on it soon. If not today, then tomorrow morn for sure. The time I have had on a MTB is so low its silly. I have literaly rode it maybe 7 times this summer. Thats not silly thats sad.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Update

Pretty basic weekend. Saturday I opted out of a afternoon ride and decided to work. So I stayed at the store till close but then didnt get a whole lot done. I do that all the time. Gatta stop "hanging out" when at the store. Getting more work done equals more riding time.
Sunday I had a good 40 mile road ride since the Saturday morning road ride was rained out. That ride was, in fact, the last ride on my Madone. For real.
Im a little bummed about it, actually, I would not mind buying that bike for myself, I love it. And had planned on keeping it until Ultegra electronic showed up last month. So now that electronic shifting is in a way better price range I will go for it. For the most part I am going to get the same exact bike, a 6.5 H3. The argyle design is no longer available in Project One so I will have to go with another.

Anyway, I try not to sell on my blog but if you are in the market for a high end bike this one is going for less than 50% of retail.  Inquire within. Moving on.

Im almost afraid to post this since the last two times I did turned out to be disasters but here it go's.... I am planning on racing the MTB next Sunday in Greenbay. I am again scheduled to vend there so its game on. The last two times I planned on racing did not work out so well. This week I turn by sights on the Superfly. And plan on riding it exclusively all week. My MTB racing\riding as been pathetic this summer but maybe a late summer push in that regard might help.

Speaking of late summer.We are now heading into the best time of year to me. Late summer\fall is my fav time of year. All the century's to ride, not to mention the pending cross season. Its awesome outside right now. Humidity is gone and the sun's out. I do my best to take advantage.

Taking advantage is what I do best.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things to Do.

A very rare Saturday post. Had planned on a ride before the store opened today but a spot of rain called that off or maybe just postponed it.
Looking for a average day at the store today. I have a ton of stuff to do. I never get to use bullets so I will here. Things to do are.....

  • Glue a set of cross tubulars.
  • Detail my Madone. Its officiously for sale and Im not riding it anymore :(
  • Clean my office. (Its unbelievably bad)
  • Assemble four sold bikes. (will have help with that)
  • Tune all my cross demo bikes. Its go time for cross.
  • Its game on as far as my cross race go's. Gatta put the flyer together..and more.
  • I still have not closed Julys books. The boring accounting stuff is the worst!
  • I need to make more coffee.
  • And need to ride a bit later.
I would like to ride the tour bike with the Brooks saddle for an hour and a half. I am, in fact, planning another tour between Sept 19th and 30th. Maybe four days again.And this time I would like to look for a partner. I have extra panniers..... and a Nomad trailer to spare. Wanna?

As far as the cross race go's.... I do have a lot to do as its crunch time. All the things on my race to do list is coming up. Got the clinic on Sept 3rd. Race Oct 30th. 

Im only days away from going all cross. Parking the Madone was the first step.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Had me a little cross ride this morn. I crashed in the woods. Its been awhile since I rode the cross bikes and the season is closing fast. Ive got the clinic on Sept 3rd and our race on Oct 30th.
Preparations for those events are keeping me busy. 
And I just booked my flight to Vegas to once again spectate at the biggest cross race in the nation. You know Im talking about CrossVegas.
I'll stop by Interbike since Im there too.
The change of seasons is upon us and I could have used arm warmers this morn.
I have parked the Madone for good. Time to sell it to some lucky person.
From now on its cross and MTB.

I have borrowed a Brooks saddle from a buddy and will give it a try on the Surly Trucker. I have never sat on a Brooks and dont understand how something so simple looking can work so well but I have an open mind and and will put some miles on it.
I would like to do another short tour before cross season starts. Maybe late Sept. Once it hits Oct I am going to be super busy as our MTB race is also in that time span. So a few days off as soon as I get back from Vegas (like that is going to be work) should do me some good.

Glad to be back in the saddle.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Now that I had some time to reflect on my weekend.
Panniers vs trailer: This could go both ways. If you are a 100% bike tourist then I would say panniers. I rolled a little bit faster with bags only. Just a little. My average went from 12 to almost 14. Thats big when your talking hundreds of miles. However, if you are only a casual bike tourist, then the trailer makes more sense as you can use it for tons of other stuff and can use almost any bike to pull it. And its a lot easier to pack your stuff in the trailer. Just toss it in and go. And the bike is easy to kickstand when all the weight is in the trailer. A 100 pound bike is hard to kickstand.
Its easier to get in and out of hotels with panniers. While the trailers space makes thing easier, its cumbersome to get in and out of buildings and tight spaces. I remember I usually disconnected the trailer to get in a hotel. All said and done. I would choose panniers. But thats for me. Maybe not for you.
Other stuff I had that I didn't last time: First off, last time I packed my cumbersome laptop with me. This time I had my android phone. That phone, with google maps was amazing and packed more punch than my laptop. It told me where I was, where I needed top go. It found hotels and campgrounds and coffee shops for me. On a bike tour, that service is huge. Laptop no longer needed. And the camera is good enough to leave any other home. I threw away my paper maps.

Checking out my seat dilemma, the one I used was just way too big for me. Still cant ride. Hope to by the weekend. Still cant believe I did that. Live and learn. The seat is in the garbage (it was old).

As I play catch up at the store, my thoughts are almost 100% cross bike stuff as I have the clinic to set up, then the race. Its game on in the cross world. 3 weeks till Crossvegas. Getting a little exited.
So quietly my bike your, as short as it was, is now done and gone. Bike cleaned up and out on sales floor. Time to move on.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tour Over

Niagara Escarpment. Saturday.
Again when a lot happens between posts its hard to document. In the past I would do a post for each day, But will try and get it all down in one big swoop here.
DAY ONE: Rolled out the driveway at 9am on Friday. Steve D. was there to ride me out of town. He did the same in 2008. He rode a bout 20 miles and flipped it and I was off solo. My plans were to ride near Algoma, about a 70 mile ride. But the wind was behind me and I decided at the last minute, pretty late in the day, to ride to Sturgeon Bay. Thats almost 90 miles. And also decided to grab a hotel the first nite cuz rain was coming anyway. And I knew where the Super 8 was along the hiway there. 
I pulled into the lot with 91 miles, blown out and tired. Its late and the parking lot is full.
But I am told at the desk there are 3 rooms left. Thank you.
Then I am told its Friday and weekend rates apply. $122.00
You must be kidding. He was not. Seems this hotel catches the late nite ILL people heading up to Door County. I have no choice. Im wasted and have no guarantee that I will find another room. I pay. I already have paid more in hotels then my 18 day tour in 08. Im upset for awhile but calm down and try not to let it ruin the rest of my weekend.
DAY TWO: After the 90 mile blowout yesterday, I only have 35 miles to go to Peninsula Park, one of my fav parks. I ride there and again, get the next to last site. The sire was small and right next to a bathroom. So it was loud all nite. The drunk group to the left was no help either. I fell asleep listening to them singing till after midnite. Also this day I get the notion that I have the wrong seat for this ride. At the last minute I pulled out a old seat, the one I thought was on my bike back in 08. I was wrong and the seat worked against me. I just thought it was the almost 7 hour ride yeatwerday but it was more than that. I figured the 35 mile day today will give me some needed rest.
DAY THREE: I left P park at 8am. Having been off the bike since noon the day before and I knew I was in trouble. Less than 10 miles in my saddle sores flare up. I then decided to start heading back home. I had made plans to ride from Fish Creek back to Sturgeon Bay, only another 35 mile ride but I had HUGE tailwinds. On rule of touring is that you never waste tail wind. So I set my sights south. Holding 20mph for extended time. Nice. 
Not nice was my sore butt. This seat was rubbing in places that have never been rubbed before (and not in a good way) and I was suffering. Gobs of shammy cream did no help and even hurt worse cuz my skin was so raw. And I was 120 miles form home. I pushed hard all the to Point Beach State Park near Two Rivers. Just 35 miles from home. I arrived almost in tears and did the last few miles standing. I never looked at the garmin all day as I was zoned out most of the time. 88 painfull miles.
I was almost expecting to hear no sites available, but there was, and I took an electric site to charge up my stuff. I set up, ate a little bit and laid down in the tent at 6pm and waited till it got dark to go to sleep. I never moved.

DAY FOUR: Tried to sleep in as long as I could.
Got up, busted camp and just told myself that Im just 35 miles from home. Jumped on the bike and felt the pain immediately. It was getting worse everyday. I considered a cell phone call to someone. But decided to tough it out. I rode home pretty slow. Made it in less than3 hours. Again, rode the last few miles pretty much standing. Almost in tears. I hurt so bad that if someone offered me a ride a mile from my house I would have taken it. Home by 1pm, showered and to bed.

I cannot belive that a seat could do that to me. But its shape and size just tore me up. I do have some very good seats. Seats that I fitted for myself. But they were all on demo bikes and I didnt want to take one off. That is a mistake I will never make again.
Besides the seat thing it was a good ride. Awesome weather and huge tailwinds.
Heres a link to some pics. More afterthoughts tomorrow.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

And so it begins..............

By this time tomorrow I will be gone.
Having mounted my Long Haul Trucker and pointed the headtube north.

While I am not exactly sure where Im going, I did start with big plans and as time go's on they started to get smaller and smaller.
I wanted to leave today. But as it turns out I gatta close the store. And thats just fine with me as it gives me the morn to pack and figure out the tent, etc. 

Strangely, I cant help feeling a bit of dejavu as my thoughts drift my tour of 08 and that point in my life, which was not the best of times for me but the tour of 08 was a bright spot in a bad time.

Still, Im having flashbacks. Then I was gone 18 days and rode almost 1000 miles. This trip will be 1\4 of that at best. No biggie. I will be riding diferent this time. All panniers, no trailer. Last time I rode Pinky (before she was Pinkie) with a couple small bags and a Burley Nomad trailer. No real reason I ditched the trailer, it worked well. Just trying something different I guess. On a sidenote, my Trucker has the same exact crank and front chainrings as Pinky did at that time so I mixed in a little old school for good luck.

Later this afternoon I will plan tomorrows route and timeline. Im planning on about 70 miles. Nothing spectacular but I will have a longer option if needed or wanted.

I do have all the gear I need. What I did not buy I borrowed. But all is set in that regard. Im going to close with a pic from 2008. In fact, if you click on the pic you will get the entire album of that ride. Really, its the second half of that 18 day sprint as I lost my camera half way thru and had to buy another one on the road. Anyway, this most likely will be my last post till I return. Im thinking Tuesday. Maybe.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Right now all my thoughts are on my impending tour. Trying to figure out what to bring. How long am I going to be gone? Where am I going? I dont know. As I did in 2008 I am leaving with no cash. No food or cooking stuff (I suck at cooking anyway). Just a credit card in hand. Clothes and tent\sleeping stuff. Personal stuff. A five gallon pail of shammy cream.

The bike is done. I ditched the frame bag. I bought a really good sleeping bag last nite. Its only rated down to 50 degrees but really for me thats like 25 degrees.
It packs really small. I can fit my tent and sleeping bag in one rear pannier. Thats cool.
Im still looking for a pad. Not sure what I want. I want a big one for comfort but small for packing on the bike. Looked at a few yesterday but got sticker shock. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.  I was thinking of leaving early Friday but now it might be late Thursday. Thats tomorrow!
Im pretty sure the gear needed might cost more than the bike. For sure if you throw the cost of panniers in. But with the stuff Im buying Im getting the good stuff so I will not have to buy it again for a long time. So those issues are consuming me right now.
Im stressed and exited.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catch Up

Good times.
Almost fit.
Now I remember why I post everyday. Cuz so much shit happens that I cant post it all without writing a book. Studys show that you might spend maybe a minute and a half here before moving on. So I gatta move quick. Saturday, after the morning group ride, had me at a family function by the lake so I brought the Pug for its first ride. Lots of fun. I started riding it in the lake but was a little leery of going too deep. After a beer I went deeper. Then two beers had me riding the bike in water over the tires. No pics. But it was epic.

Andy and Frank
Sunday had me in Mad town for Trekworld. The yearly pilgrimage for all Trek dealers and All things Trek. Informative seminars. New bikes. Little two day getaway.

Jens and Fabian
Again, I bit off more than I could chew this weekend and once again ditched the bike race. I assure you that I had all the good intentions of going but once again bailed at the last minute. Just too much at once. Now... I have two days to get my shit together for my bike tour. I will be amazed if I do so correctly. Either way Im north bound Friday morn. Maybe late Thursday.
Im a little stressed over that.
Imagine that. 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday and Out.

Its Friday. I have staffed the store so I can leave early today, and that I dont have to work tomorrow. Or Monday either. More on that later.
Ive been pretty much on the MTB the last few days just trying to get the magic back. Im racing this on Sunday. Not that Im hoping for a placing. Just so I do not look stupid. Or fall down. I have not rode this course so Im going in blind. Thats always good for a few scary moments. Thank God for disc brakes. I also hear its a climbing start. That puts me behind the 8 ball right off the bat. Good thing I have no expectations when I race. My criteria for a successful race is simple and three fold. 1) do not take last. 2) do not fall down. 3) pass somebody, anybody on the last lap. If I do all three I had a good race. We'll see on Sunday.
I didnt plan on this race but I'm headed for Madison for a few days of Trekworld. Trek invites all their retailers to three days of seminars, fun stuff and the unveiling of the 2012 stuff. They put us up in a hotel, feed us for a few days. Its completely free for us dealers so I go.
Rumor has it the Schlecks are showing up. Just hear say right now.
So since Im driving past the race venue on my way I might as well just race the damn bike.

So Im out later today until Tuesday. Then, its back for two days and then out the door with the tour bike. I am scrambling to get my gear together for that. Im sure Ill forget something...
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tour 2011 is on!

It was a long shot but its a go! I leave town Friday morn, Aug 12th. Head north. Destination unknown.
I cant believe this is happening cuz quite a lot of issues had to play out in my favor. But one by one things went my way. Last week I thought I had a chance so I started planning.
Today the last piece of the puzzle came in to play and I nailed it.
Im thinking five days minimum. I just got the panniers today so the bike I believe is 100 % complete.
Now theres no way I can buy the gear I need in such a short time so I will start scrounging.
The tent will be a big issue.
Sleep bag and pad I can purchase but the tent I want is out of stock till November.

Thanks to Steve D for letting me borrow his tandem. I sold him this rig a couple years ago. CoMotion makes nice stuff. Steel is real.

Had two nice rides with the wife. Both around 20 miles and I felt every mile. We hit 30mph a few times. I believe that's the fastest she has ever gone on a bike. Did 85% of the work.
Good training.

Today I will forgo the HP (what?) and spend some time on the MTB as I am going to hit the MTB race at a new venue this Sunday. For me, its on my way as I am staying in Madison Sunday nite and attending Treks dealer show on Monday. Its their equivalent to Interbike (which I also booked my flight to today). They wine and dine you. Show you next years bikes. Ask how many you want to order....I tell them that I'll let them know later.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shakedown w\Happy Place

Today I ditched the MTB (trying to get some time in on it) for another shakedown on the Trucker. Im setting plans for a long weekend on it sometime in late August. Maybe 5 days. Tweeking the ride a bit but not much to do in that respect as the thing rides very comfortable right out of the box. Ordered panniers yesterday. Not the ones I really wanted but pretty good. Next is a high end backpacking tent, bag and pad. And Im off........

The other day I was cornered and questioned as to why I hit up my HP everyday (today twice by 11am)

Why would I waste all that gas to drive over there everyday. Thats just stupid and a waste of time. I get that all the time. If you ask why or question why then you just don't get it and most likely never will. We mock what we don't understand.
The morning drive is kinda like "me time". Always tunes cranked in the car and some good coffee. I go rain or shine. Weather has no effect on my visits. Its immaterial.
My HP is like a best friend that will never leave me.
Its a place that calms me.
Its a place that always looks forward to seeing me.
Its pretty much the only constant I have.
Im appreciative of this place. And will continue to use it.



Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Riding with Tactics

The weekend came and went pretty quick. On Saturday I jumped in the local group ride. This is the third time this summer. I used to do every one. 
It was a good group with respectable speeds. I hung in pretty good. Several rides have always questioned me as to why I always ride in the front. They say no wonder you get dropped cuz Im always near the front. Stay in back they say. Never pull. Stay fresh for later in the ride.
So I tried that. Rode absolutely in the back for a long while. Hated it!
Sprint, brake, sprint, brake.
Gaps form 3 riders up and nothing I can do about it. While the skinny guys (and gals) pretty much just ride and talk, I have to calculate and predict. Being a Clydesdale I have to absolutely make sure Im in position when approaching that hill. If Im in a bad spot in the group at the wrong time its game over pretty quick for me. I need to play my cards just right to stay in the game and margin for error is small. So... I need to play the game my way. Being a sprinter I have no problem on the flats. Downhills are my advantage. But when we run to the hills I need to make sure Im on a good wheel to survive. Thats why I cant just mellow out in back. I wish I could.
Anyway, I did fall back on a few hills but not so bad as I had several riders back to help (Thx guys!) but I did pull the plug just before we stopped for breakfast cuz Steve D turned back and since I hate leaving riders to ride home alone I turned too. It was a good 45 miles.

Sunday Steve D let me borrow his CoMotion tandem ( I sell em') and got out in the morn with my wife. When on a tandem you must make sure you get along real well with the other person. If not there is no where to go. That was not the case Sunday as we had a pleasant 20 miles. But I could see the potential for disaster. She did complain a bit as to why I was not talking. It was because we were going 20mph and I was pretty much in zone 5. Doing 85% of the work on a tandem is a great strength training tool I think. But it was fun and something I dont get to do a lot.

 Today Im in the store but waiting for the guys to get here, then Im out on the MTB till noon.