Friday, July 29, 2011


Today I finally had an extended HP visit. First one in a long time. Its was sunny, cool and quiet and I was all alone.  Just the way I like it. Thought out many issues. In the past I always made too many snap decisions about important stuff. While not all were right, I think the majority was. But my Happy Place is just a tool I use to decide things. Its an easy place to work things out.
 This is the place where I decided to go for the bike store two and a half years ago.
This is the place where I decided to take the Trucker in its maiden voyage today!
Racks on. Its done!

Got the racks and fenders on last nite. Now I need to work on bags. Which I will borrow from friends until I decide what kind to get.
And as I mentioned the gear will be a priority also. When I toured the state in 2008 everything was borrowed except for the bike ( I used Pinky) and I am looking to purchase this time. And I got to get the good stuff cuz I dont want to be replacing it by next year.

I will wait till 10am, when the store opens and the guys get here and I am off on this beast. Weight with racks? I was surprised with 36 pounds. I was sure it was going to be over 40. I expect to hang about 70 pounds of stuff in the bike. Between my body weight and bike, I should be king of the downhills. If in fact I do carry 70 pounds, thats going to be a total of 366 pounds of rolling madness. Disc brakes would not have been a bad idea. But I'll make due.
Its looking like a good couple of days weather wise so its game on. Group ride tomorrow. Maybe trails will be dried out by Sunday? Have a good weekend. Ride your bike.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Long Haul Trucker.

The Long Haul Trucker is almost ready to go. Just mount these to rad Surly racks and fenders and its pretty much good to go. I am looking forward to using it. Not only for touring\commuting but I think it will make a good winter bike too. Its got wheels, brakes and rear driveline off one of my old MTB's. Crank is a 10 year old Ultegra last used on Pinky. Shifters off of Pinky too.
And I am planning a tour this summer. Most likely a weekender, but a tour none the less.
Maintenance at the HP. They keep it looking good for me 815am
Along with my normal summer bike riding I always like to do "other" types of riding. MTB racing is one of those. Track racing is another. And then the natural progression will lead me to century's. And then touring.
I start every spring with all the best intentions. Lose weight. Get fit (fit enough to race anyway) and do the bike stuff all summer. Then, one by one, I ditch the rides. First to go is the track. Im just too heavy and it is an hour and a half away on a Tuesday nite.
Then, next in line would be the century's. Would not be able to keep up to the group let alone for 100 miles. Then, I cut back on the MTB races. At minimum I always do a couple a year. So far this year I have only done one.... the opener in early May. Have not been to one since. But I plan on one or two more this summer. So ditching most of this summers ambitions have left a pretty good sized hole in my schedule that I have just filled with work. Enter the Long Haul Trucker (and the Pugsly).

Touring is a ton of fun. But kinda expensive to do it right. Sure, I got into the bike pretty cheap, but its the light weight tents, bags and camping stuff thats costly. You cant just but a tent from Walmart. Way to big and heavy. The tent Im looking at weighs 38 oz and packs into a 20 by 4 inch space.
So you need to be a little backpacker fancy to tour. Then the good panniers are pricey too. Water proof is the only way to go. Just buy the best bags you can get. They last forever.

Next year I am thinking of a touring clinic and maybe setting up a small tour to a local park. Self supported of course. That would be fun. And thoughts on that are for another day.
As for fitness (Im saying the F word a lot lately) my long rides have pushed me toward very good touring fitness. Long sustained efforts have been the norm for me this summer.
So Im setting it up. Doin' it for real.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Greenbush. 915am
Today I got out on the MTB. Yesterday I got out on the Madone. Today as I rode I had thoughts about my fitness. Does fitness mean skinny? Not really. I was thinking on how different fitness means between the MTB and a road bike. I was thinking fitness in general.
If you looked at me you would not think I am fit cuz I am overweight. But I think I am.

Today, on the MTB, I felt pretty good. Of course I was working hard on the climbs, and for sure was slow getting up them, but, I push a ton more watts than any of my skinny riding buddies at that speed. So here I was climbing in granny gear, at 2 mph. If a skinny guy was pushing these kind of watts here they would be doing 10. So, in theory, if I can push the wattage (or more) than the skinny guys, but going way slower, the question is am I as fit as they?
Also when your MTBing fitness is not always measured in power output but in how fast you recover.
 Not sure where I fall in that category. But I do need to do it a lot. At the start of todays ride I was as expected all over the place. Shifting at the wrong times, picking bad lines. And again, got better as the day went. I was forced to ride as fast as I could as the flies could chase me down on the climbs. And they were biting hard today.
So all in all a good ride. Solo so the iPod was on full blast but there was no chance of getting hit by a car today. And thats always a good thing.

Ive made a decision to cut back my work hours. I was running about 65 per week. Im gonna cut 10 out of that. Its needed. Also, I am not going to do any vending at the MTB races except for Sheboygan.
I need my weekends and I want to go to the WORS races to have fun.
Not that it was not fun to vend, its fun to be there. But along with that gos a lot of prep and post work by getting the stuff back in the store. From now on I'll just go and race like you guys.
Next post is most likely Thursday as Im riding again in morn..... \
Road for many hours....
Bring it on.


Monday, July 25, 2011

The Weekend

Some weekends are just better than other I guess. I'll blame this one on myself for several reasons that I wont go into here. Saturday I had to work, with my only window to ride was early morn. I had planned on actually riding my MTB in prep for the race Sunday by rain washed out that ride.
Then the store was open six hours but I was there nine. Paperwork and the loading up of the team car to vend at the MTB race had me there a long time for a Sat. The lack of riding did not help and I was a little crabby. My STC brought me 17 hours of riding the week before. Last week was 2 but the heat had a little bit to do with that.
Retail is such an unpredictable business. We were slow all day Saturday. I almost left since I had help there who could close. Then, about 20 minutes to close all hell breaks loose and we sell a couple bikes and other stuff to make it a good day. I did stay open a bit longer to accommodate those wonderful people. I dont mind.
Packed up with no where to go.
Then do some paperwork (that I should have done when it was slow) and started loading up the car.

Then I headed home with the car packed to the gills with product to vend at the race. I even had the cross bikes along for all to touch. 
But as it turned out I could not go due to personal reasons and so Sunday morn  I took a little visit to the HP and drove back to the store and slowly unpacked the car that I spent over an hour packing a little more that 12 hours ago. It was a bummer. Thanks to the select few who offered to watch my stuff so I could have raced. Maybe next time.
After the car was pretty much emptied I did grab the Madone for a two and a half hour ride. Solo of course. I cant remember the last time I rode with another human. I could complain about that but I wont. Again thats just another product of my poor planning.
The next few days are going to be nice weather and I did bring my riding stuff today. So it looks good that I will get outside during the day today. Solo of course.
I gatta say that all this solo riding has brought me back to a bad habit. The iPod.
I now ride with music even thru the city. I, more than most understand what can happen. I guess I just choose to take my chances. And thats not very bright of me. I guess its do as I say, not as I do.
Maybe I just forgot how much getting hit by that car hurt.
I do tend to forget things.
Or maybe I just need someone to wack me in the head with a 2 by 4 to wake me up.
Feel free.


Friday, July 22, 2011

I Own Bikes! (Pt 1 )

Is that a Pug in your window? Or are you just glad to see me?
In the past you have always heard me complain about riding bikes I do not own. Im sure none of you feel sorry for me as I ride along on a Madone that retails for 9k. But really, its like riding a rental. I cant do all those little thing we do to make our own bikes our own. Cute little stickers. Small things like that. Thats changed. 
I bought and paid for a Pug.
I bought and paid for a Long Haul Trucker.
Work in progress.

These bikes are not for sale. I sure can get you one, just not these. Im goona put cute little stickers and stuff on these.....

I will be riding these new bikes soon. The LHT is going together as we speak. I have original Surly front and rear racks for this bike too.
Heavy duty stuff. Cant wait to put some big ass bags on and just get out of town.
Bag selection will be next step.
Ive borrowed a few to get an idea of what I want.  Couple Jandd's and a couple Ortliebs. Game on in the touring dept!
The only other bike I own is Pinky. Sadly in the basement in dismemberment.
Soon, it will be resurrected back in SS mode.
Only question will be in cross or road configuration. Pinky will get her own post next week.

I know I have said this before but Im going to try and limit my posting to Mon-Wed-Fri. Its seems the posts may just have more to say if I stop posting everyday. Quality, not quantity.

I will be at the MTB race Sunday. But vending. I hope to get to race in the morn but thats not set in stone. Either I need to find someone to watch the stores stuff while Im racing, or maybe just shove it into my car if its close. I would like to race but if I dont its not the end of the world as its at a ski hill. And my riding style disagrees with ski hills.

Either way see ya there and have a good weekend.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deep Thoughts

THE TOUR: Its been pretty good. Thor winning mountain stages. Shlecks unable. Cavindish and Farrar talking trash. Good stuff. Besides the three that got away yesterday, no one really standing out. No one able to attack (besides yesterday). And I believe thats because nobody is doping. Pull the dope out of all the GC guys and see what happens... nobody has that "kick" anymore. Boring? Maybe a little. But still all good. Im pulling for Evans.
THE STORE: is going well. I'll be vending at the next WORS race. Again alone so my chances of racing are slim. Besides, its a climber anyway. I can do without those. I am in fact, making plans to move to a new location next April. Looking to buy a place. Renting is for chumps. My first choice is to build new on the north side of town. But that will involve banks and I hate banks. But I gatta do what I gatta do so its game on. This will take my time in the next 3 months....
THE CROSS RACE: Things are just starting. Lining up sponsors. Laying out the course. Cross racing will be the stores focus in 2011. Heres some info on what Im doing. Cross is just around the corner. I cant wait. 
MY RIDING: is better. Ive built up some good endurance but my short efforts is lacking and that just cuz Im never on the MTB. I can peddle for a good 4 hours but blast up a steep hill for 90 seconds and Im done for the day. Will work on that next. More MTB is called for.
DEMOS: After July I should really start to sell my demos. The Madone will be hard to part with. I really like it. I might just consider buying it outright myself. The Superfly will also go. Both bikes sold at very fair prices. I also make sure the go to a good home. Of course Im going to ride them a while longer but its just on my mind right now... The cross demos wont go for sale until Nov 1st. Also sold for fair prices....
SUPERWEEK: Reports are that this series is dieing. Thats sad. In its heyday this was a top five series in the States. Tons of Euros sending riders. Stellar fields boasting up and comer riders like Armstrong and Evans. To name a couple. Today, fields are down.... way down. I used to look forward to these races but I will not see any this year. I blame poor management. Things just went down when Otto retired. Again, sad. Maybe they can find better days down in Chicago. While the TOAD series is good, I will miss the old Superweek.

Thats all on my mind right now. Its been three days since I rode but thats OK cuz its crazy hot and I suffer in heat. Just really got caught up at store today, so I will ride tomorrow morn heat or not. Hopefully MTB, depending on how much time I have.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thinking Back a Week.

Awesome roads.

As I settled into work as I know it, I kinda sat back in my comfy office chair and reminisced about last week. Just how much more relaxing the roads are up there. How easy you can get lost in thought with no worry about getting picked off by a car. Ever since getting hit last June, I have been a bit less brave in traffic.
I remember back in 08 when I rode around the state I used the semi's blasting 3 feet from me to gain a few mph. On Hwy 45 heading north if three semis blasted past I went from 12 to 18 mph with no effort. Not sure if I could do that now.
So what makes the riding up there is the miles and miles of country roads. Water to the left. Water to the right. I rarely has the iPod on. With so much to see no music necessary.
As I sat in the HP this morn I was thinking how cool it would be to gather up a bunch of my cycling buddies for an extended weekend riding up there. How cool would it be to get a group of plus 10 for a few days of riding the north woods.

Maybe a training camp for the SBC cross team?
Sit back and picture this: A 5 hour ride in the sun with friends, then a quick dip in the lake when done, then some hammock time with a refreshment. It would not get any better!

Maybe someday....

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to Reality

So today its back to reality. Had my first visit to the HP in over week this morn.  I was kind of crabby so I didnt stay too long. Just too much on my mind I guess. I have a weeks worth of ordering\reciving\accounting to do when I get to the store and I dont even want to see the pile on my desk.
Sometimes even a happy place visit does not always lower my stress levels.
Also, I just want to mention the my HP is the exact same spot at my local State Park that some have decided to hold fat tire Pug beach rides. Just FYI guys, I now own a Pug. Just sayin'...

Secret Training Camp was a success. I ended up with about 17 hours total. I did get out Friday for one last road ride. 3 hours in the rain. I feel better on the bike. My eating habits on the bike is much better. So... yeah, it was a good week.
STC week is not new to me. Ive been doing it for 30 years every July. Its really a week where my wifes entire fam go's up on vacation and we take over a small resort entirely. This year we had 7 cabins full. Next year will be 9. While I like to get away I never liked stating all week cuz I go nuts in one place too long. All the others fish, drink and play cards pretty much all week. I dont do any of that. But now that I ride it brings a new meaning to this week. Secret Training Camp.
Just another reason I can thank the bike for.
Even at 17 hours of exorcise, I did not lose any weight during STC, but, I did not gain either. Pretty much eating is another thing done during this week. Pretty much non stop. While I did my share I faired better than most last week.

If I had a complaint, it was the solo riding was getter to me. I can ride alone as much as the next guy (or gal) but not much more than that. I could easily put in 5 more hours up there if I had some conversation with someone besides myself.

So now its back to my desk.

Wish my luck.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Days Four and Five.

Helped this crabby guy cross the road.
Day four had me out on the Madone. Doing my usual loop I do every year up here. Sayner, Boulder Junction, Star Lake, St Germaine back to Sayner. 
A very pleasant loop winding thru many lakes on both sides of the road. 
4 hours at 61 miles. I knew I was in for a spot of difficulty when I realized after an hour that I forgot to put on some Shammy cream. My butt is a little sore from all the riding and today will not help much in that respect.

Even my legs feel a bit wasted as all this riding has had a snowball effect as the days wear on. I can feel fatigue set in early in the rides now. Day four was a good one. Rain for casted the rest of the week so I took my time on this ride.


 Day five is really right now. Since Im back at the cabin and since its raining there wont be a lot of anything else going on today so Ill post as tho its tomorrow morn.

This was a easy one....
Today I went back to the Raven trails. I did not get to do it all on Tuesday so I was going to finish it off today. Today I did some of the fancy stuff over there. But not all of it as I was alone and did not want to brave the tuff stuff.

As I said on Tuesday, someone has put a lot of time over here. Big section of ladders and todders.

Again, I could feel the entire week in every climb. Its been a long 5 days of riding. All solo.
This post is going the last post from up here as I might get in a small ride tomorrow, but then will be packing to leave Sat morn.
And Im ready to go anytime. Even tho its a good time it wears thin as after the bike ride there really isn't much more for me to do here. So, yeah, Im ready to go. I cant stay at the same place more than a few days. A week is way to long.
So.... my next post will be Monday from the store. Im glad I had another secret training camp is summer. And I will be glad to get home to show it off. Hours should be right around 15 in 6 days.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3 ( in search of)

Day 3 had me a bit sore from yesterdays long one so I decided to have an off day of sorts and hit up some northern trails for a couple of hours. Not really knowing what or where to go I hit up the internet to look for these trails I have been told about.
The Raven trails are just outside Minocqua near Clear Lake State Campgrounds.

These trails have been around a while as ski trails, but its pretty recent that the single track has been cut in. And the cool part is, unlike the northern kettles back home, you still can hit up the ski trail on your bike. Fast rolling up and down. The 29er works well in these situations. Fun stuff. But then you hit up the bike specific trails and its a whole 'nuther story. 

Slow, almost trials like trail thats cut into the sides of ravines. Very slow. Very technical. Slow climbing over rocks and roots. Here the 29er was at a disadvantage. Granny gear for 45 minutes straight. Average 2 mph. Up down and around.

I rode some trail that I could tell was just cut this weekend. Someone is doing a lot of work here. 
Not sure who.
Lots of man made rock gardens and even a few bridges. Very cool. Worth the drive over.
I will need to come back one more time before Saturday rolls around.
Today its much colder and windy. Still planning on a road ride but am waiting closer to noon to roll out. Im up to 9.5 hours and plan on 3 today. Its cold enough right now to wear arm warmers.
And windy.
Maybe the woods would be a better ride today.
I'll think about it.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day Two in Books.

Day two is pretty much the reason I come up here. The numbers were 72 miles at 4 hours 40 min. Two days and Im already at almost 7 hours in the saddle. From the cabin in Sayner I headed south about 20 miles, then west and north to Eagle River, rode east a bit from there, then north again. When I ride solo I map my routes pretty good. And always leave a bail out route if I need to get back sooner depending on how I feel. I did plan on shooting for a solo 100 but as I turned east I encountered a headwind going west I did not expect so I blew off the last leg of the planned route and rolled in with the 72. And called it a good day on the bike.
I gatta say how happy I am with this road bike. And not just cuz I sell'em. Some Madones come with 3 headtube heights. I got the H3 which is the highest. That along with my vast schooling in bike fit has this 6.5 Madone the best fit bike I ever owned (rode). Just a pleasure to ride and after 4 and a half hours I was tired but still felt great. I am considering just buying it outright for myself. I think I could get a deal in it.
Today is going to be a rest day of sorts. Gonna hang at the cabin a bit longer, then grab the MTB to hit up some trails. Most likely will drive the car to said trails cuz the new location here has me not knowing were trails are.  The Razerback trails are right down the road but are pretty trashed with logging. I'll find something else...

Im still OK with riding solo all week but I think in time will grow tired of it. The new surroundings still have my attention but I think my next long ride, on Wednesday, might have me starting to talk to myself a bit. Hope I dont get in an argument.
As I type I am sitting out on the dock having tethered my phone to my computer. Using my Android phone with a app called PDAnet. It works great and I am surprised how fast it is. 

Technology rules.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

STC Day one

Day one in the books. It was more of a get acquainted to the area kind of day. I did manage almost 3 hours in. The riding up here is awesome, My head is on a swivel as I ride thru the north woods. This years location of the Secret Training Camp is Sayner, WI. and its just beautiful here.
Today was just a warmup to tomorrow. Planning on a big day on the Madone. 5 hours minimum. Going to head in a new direction thru Eagle River and then east. 
If my day is big enough tomorrow I will take a short day on Tuesday to do some MTBing.

The cabin we are at rocks! There is a eagles nest maybe 100 years from the cabin and I can hear them as they bicker to each other from my bedroom window. We do have eagles back home but they just seem so much bigger here.
As I type I am out on the pier of the lake, having paired up my computer to my cell phone.
Very high tech.
So tomorrow will I will be roadside by 9am and rolling.
The weather looks good all week and this just might be the best Secret Training Camp Ever!
More to come.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Perks \ STC

Perks abound in the bike retail biz!
When you work in the bike biz you need perks. Any position in the bike industry pays on average 10 percent less than the same position somewhere else. In the last few years I have come to know a lot of people who work for bike companies either in production, front office, accounting etc. All these people work for below national average wages. Why? Because the job comes with all the bikes you can ride.

Looking at all the carbon and disc brakes can get one punch drunk. Im no exception. I of course took (another) pay cut to stay full time in the store. Ive been exchanging pay cuts for happiness and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life when presented with the opportunity.  The key is to take advantage of the perks. And again, Im no exception there either.
My Pugsley came yesterday. I tried to order one last February and it was a no go. Sold out. So I pre-ordered one to deliver in July and it came yesterday. Im pumped to get that thing out on the snowmobile trails this winter. In the meantime, its going in the front window.

Of course my HP thoughts were on the impending Secret Training Camp. This years STC is in a new location in northern Wisco. So I will have to find new MTB trails to ride. My arsenal of three bikes have been primed and ready.
Really, I look forward to all the riding next week. Its always cool to ride in new surroundings. But I gatta say sometimes I get bummed to have to spend a majority of time at STC alone. The Fam does not ride, and for the most part I get up, eat a little and leave every morn. Returning in the aft, time depending on ride length. But even tho Im solo, its still better riding that at home. And I will enjoy that aspect of it.
Today will be filled with making sure I work ahead with all my store duty's. Bills paid, stuff ordered. Then its home to pack the car with bikes and stuff. Mostly bikes.
Not sure on the internet situation up there. So posting here might be minimal, however I do plan on hitting the coffee shop in Eagle River at least twice during the week.
The weather here has been unbelievable nice. Maybe tring to make up for the crappy spring. Looks like good days will continue next week. Hope you get outside as much as I will be outside.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learning to Eat.

That in itself sounds weird. But those who know me know I eat very badly. And not pizza and ice cream bad. I mean on the bike bad.

But its not all my fault. In order to lose weight you need to burn more calories that you take in. Simple as that? I ride with a million skinny people who give me advice on eating. And in theory they are all right. For them.

I ask how they lose weight. They say," I stopped eating candy bars" or " I dont eat after 7pm". Then I remind them Im a 260 pound guy that does not eat any candy or after 7pm already. 
So now what? Honestly, you all would be amazed on how little I eat. Granted I do eat full "meals" but little or no candy or treats. I dont even like chocolate. So the bottom line is I need to cut down on my meals. I have no other vices to give up. My liquid calorie intake is already minimal.

That means the only option for me is the hardest. Meal size reduction. And thats easier said than done for me. Why? Cuz I ride a lot. And when I cut meal size and ride a lot I feel like crap. Always running on empty. Always feeling so weak on the bike. Getting dropped because of that. Its not fun and it takes a little fun out of my rides. But, in the long run, I lose weight. But at what cost? In time, I get sick of feeling like crap on the bike, and getting dropped so I start to eat normal again. I ride better but do not lose weight. 
Its such a fine line between eating and riding that I can never get it right. Either I dont lose weight or I feel like crap.
Enter learning to eat. On the bike.
I never brought food on the bike. My mindset was peddle, burn calories, lose weight. Eating on the bike just set that theory back so I just did not do it. I suffered on the bike.
Then one of my buddies told me something that made sense. And Im pumped.

Learn to eat on the bike, lose weight off the bike. Thats sounds bananas! They said eat twice as much on the bike, so its easier to eat half as much off the bike. The complete opposite of what I have been doing. So in two days I leave for Secret Training Camp. And I will be doing a ton of riding. Its seems like perfect timing to jump start this new (to me) theory. Cant wait.

Honey Stinger will be the product. Bars and energy. Ride fast, live slow
Going to do it for real.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Deep Thoughts

Cant believe its humpday already. Holidays always screw me up. Still, mostly on my mind is Secret Training Camp. Ive decided what bikes to take and there will be three. Madone, Superfly and the Trisher Cronus CX.  I am slowly putting together my itinerary for the north woods.

Today, on my way to the HP I dialed up Greendays Dookie. I forgot how good that recording was. I pretty much cranked it while I hung out in "Paradise". I thought back to my high school days. Back then I had two loves. Music and football. And I studied the ins and outs of both to maybe have a career in one of them. In music, I wanted to produce, in football, I wanted to manage, not play or coach.

I think if I persisted I could have done either. But dumped both to race motorcycles, and later, cars.  In the late 90's I was racing professionally until I pretty much ran out of money. Then like all my other interests, jut quit cold.

Then I started a trucking company that I operated for 15 years. Also completed my family during those years too. 10 years ago I ditched the trucking company for employment in the transportation industry. Just a few months ago I ditched emplyment in the transportation industry for a bike store .

Today while listening to Greenday I was just thinking of how many options my life has has. And how different things could have been had I decided to pursue my earlier loves. Mainly the music aspect. I really think I have a good ear for good music and always think about how far I could have taken that.

But its all good. Turns out I just followed another love with the bike store.

But I wonder what I will love 10 years from now. Based on my track record it could be anything.

Gonna grab the cross bike for a quickie. Or a nooner, however you look at it.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

STC 2011

STC 2010
As I end the Holiday weekend this morn my thoughts turn to Secret Training Camp 2011. Leaving in four days. In the past this just used to be a very boring vacation that my wife's family has done for 20 plus years. They just go up north and do nothing for 7 days. Sit. Talk. Play cards.
Im not much for sitting a real long time. Then a few years ago I put another spin on it. Ride my ass off for a week. True, all rides are solo but 80% of my rides here are anyway. Put in some nice rides Sat, Sun and Mon this weekend.  About 120 miles. Cant remember the last time I rode 3 days in a row.

Last year at this time I was coming off the getting hit by car injury's. I remember getting in 15 hours last year. This year Im going in a bit in better shape so its game on for 20. As I mentioned a few posts ago I was getting the Long Haul Trucker ready for a few days of touring. Thats now been scrapped. In its place may be a road trip (in a car) to the awesome MTB trails of Upper Michigan.
I'll have 6 full days to get in the 20:
One big day on the Madone. Maybe a century?
One big day on the cross. Including some Rails to Trails.
One big day on the MTB. Destination unknown.

Then some filler of whatever I feel like riding, gosh!

Its kinda weird that I go up north with the fam but never really see them a whole lot. 

And I return home with just a little bit more fitness. A fair trade. 


Friday, July 1, 2011

MTB Luv | Sat Update

I do this all the time. Let a bike sit, then ride it, then wonder why the hell I don't ride it more. Spent two hours Thursday in the woods of Greenbush. The first hour was as expected. Bouncing off just about everything in front of me and maybe a little bit more. Then, by the second time around I smoothed out and found the long lost rhythm again. Peddle strokes got better. I started to hit the right gears.
Hows this for barrier practice?
And I thought to myself "why don't I do this more often".
Not sure why. So I will.

Saturday Update:
  I have to work the store today so no group ride for me. So I dragged myself away from the computer and the Tour to take a small cross ride before the store opened. Over to my H.P. via road, woods and other. 
The sun was out and so was the mosquito's. And I found that out the hard way. Flatted in the woods and those guys showed me no mercy. I fought them off tooth and nail until I had the job at hand completed. 
One of the cons of the bike store is working Saturday. I usually have part time help to cover but when any one of those guys are not available its me that has to fill in. And I'm not minding too much today as I will be out of town the next two Saturdays, while Im participating in my secret training camp.
So.... keep the rubber side down and have a good Holiday!
Next post most likely Tuesday.