Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello good friend, remember me? 845am
Its been awhile since I saw the sun. After three straight days of rain I finally get a quality visit to the HP this morn. Temps already near 50. Its going to be a good day as the sun is out.

The sun plays an important part in my life. I need a lot of it. After a few days without it I start feeling like crap (like yesterday). The sun dictates my life, I go to bed when it gets dark, I wake up when it get light. I need no alarm. I really get seasonal depression easily. People call it cabin fever and think its from just boredom. Its really brought on by the short days and lack of sunlite. Its really amazing how much better I feel after a couple of sunny days that include several hours outside on the bike.
Bring it on.
Mornings like this one have me just outside standing in the sunlite for quite some time. Getting recharged. Sometimes I walk to the front of the store to catch it thru the windows. Yesterday I was absolutely bailing on the MTB race Sunday. Now.... after an hour outside Im not so sure. I still have not rode the MTB but maybe I will get the chance tomorrow. 
Today is a three hour ride on the Madone starting around lunch. We'll see how I feel after that to make my decision to race or not. Let the sun do its thing first.

Phase two (weight loss) has been in a holding pattern. For this to work I need to ride and I have not sat on a bike since Monday. Cutting calories alone does not work for me. I need to burn at least 1000 calories on the bike per day to really see results. Its going to be mid June before I see some performance results from this. Im OK with that. If I do race Sunday it will be more for fun and fitness. No real results needed. But then thats every race for me. Sometimes I dont even look at the results until the next day. I usually just do not care. Just happy to be there.

So today I will be ditching the store for awhile for a well needed road ride.
Really looking forward to it.
Maybe see you guys Sunday.... maybe not.
If not have a good weekend. If so have a good weekend.


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Not a lot to say today. Day three of rain. Its rained 5 out of the last 7 days here.  Since everybody else is just complaining about the rain, I thought I would take the high road and not say too many words about it.
If I picture is worth a thousand words, here is several thousand words I didnt have to type.
I hear the weather dudes are calling out a 4 or 5 hour window tomorrow where it should not be raining. Be ready.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cold. Dark. Wet.

Just another quiet morning in the bike store.
Not much else going on. 
With the two days of rain the woods are flooded. Was looking for some ride time on the Superfly before the weekend and now thats out. 
And Im on the fence about racing Sunday anyway with the impending rain in the forecast. 
Its raining again this morn.
The lack of food is going well. I rode Monday but kept the intensity down. I felt pretty good after Sundays death march. So that leads me to belive that my bike fitness is indeed coming back.

And thats half the battle.


Monday, April 25, 2011

I Forgot.

My road ride for the summer.
Sunday I broke down and dug out the Madone. Second time this week I bust out a new bike. I am into "phase two" on spring training and Sunday reminded me how bad it hurts. I forgot.
Im not talking about intervals, which I have yet to start. Im talking about weight loss. Losing weight is done many ways. Its easy for some but not for me. But the specifics are the same. Just spend more calories than you take in. Simple math.
For me the only way is eat as little as possible, and ride as much as possible.
Sunday I put in my longest ride to date this spring. Three hours, the first two averaging about 18mph.
Good effort. 50 some miles.
And I did so on a completely empty stomach. It hurt. The last hour was hard to concentrate. I was that far beyond bonk.
Its not fun. And its not text book.
But its the only way I can lose weight.
With the limited intake of food my performance suffers greatly. I cant group ride cuz I get dropped in 15 minutes. Im always feeling crappy. My legs have no power in them. And this is the way its got to be.
So for the next month or so its gonna be more solo than group. Its gonna be more base than interval. In hope that once I start eating again and get back to full strengh I will have a bit less weight to have to push up the hill.
The hit I take in riding quality now is totally worth it in the end. But right now the way I feel Im not so sure.
Its hard to ride when you feel like crap but Im headed out on the cross bike in an hour. Not so bad as I just had a bowl of veggie soup.
And I think I can ride I little in the woods too as its starting to dry up.

Riding in the trees always takes my mind off my stomach.
Not much else does.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blue Norcross vs Trisher Cronus CX

Forgot to remove wheel reflectors. Must have looked like a dork.
Took my first ride yesterday on the new Trisher Cronus CX. This bike, along with the Norcross, will be the flagships of the Traveling Cross Bike Demo (TCBD). I am most likely the only guy who is riding both at the same time. I can talk a little bit about the differences between them, but not a whole lot yet. I have only an hour and a half on the Cronus and about 25 hours on the Norcross. So I wont split hairs yet.
First off, right out of the box, the bikes are with 10 ounces of each other. Norcross lighter. Both bikes have Force but each has different chainring configurations. The Blue is standard compact crank (34\50) with a 27\12 cassette. The Cronus is rockin' a 46\38 crank with a 28\11 cassette.
So the gearing and shifting is different. I wont pick a fav right now.

The Cronus comes with these wider bars. The drops are angled out a bit and I like that. Just a flick of the wrist and your down in the drops. No reaching around the top of the bar to get there.

The Cronus has internal cable routing. The Norcross is all top tube. Advantage Cronus.

I'll stop right there as I really need to ride the Cronus more. And you can too when the demo tour gets fired up. In about a month or so. Moving on.
Here's a crappy pic of a crow hassling the eagle this morn. The eagle was not too concerned but the crow was for sure giving him some shit.
Will get a ride in this weekend. Just not sure when. If I hit the group ride Saturday its on a cross bike and I wont last long with that scenario. Madone will stay warm and dry another week.

Almost all the snow is gone. Like last Tuesday was just a bad dream.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Help Wanted.

With just traces of snow left from Tuesdays snow my Happy Place visit was very pleasant today. I got there early and stayed quite a while. The blue birds have returned and the sun was shining. While I have a ton of stuff to do in the store today, I cant keep my mind from wandering toward a bike ride this aft. And for a good reason. I now have a new Trek\Fisher Cronus cross bike to ride. Got it in yesterday. Gonna ride it today. Its pretty damn cool and will give the Blue Norcross SL a run for its money. First thing I noticed was the internal cable routing. Very cool. 
These guys are everywhere in the HP

I usually do not just up and ride new bikes. I would rather just sell them. But this is different. I am putting together a crossbike demo tour. Both Blue and Trek is on board and gave me much help with the bikes. Gonna have 6 bikes for all to ride. Three Blue's and 3 Trek\Fishers ( which I now call "Trishers". I should copyright that). I wont go into detail right here but this will be a traveling demo tour hitting races all summer long both road and MTB. And cross races of course. More later.

So now I gatta ride them. Break them in a little before the tour this summer. In fact, I might ask for some help getting miles on the bikes before the tour. The Norcross SL is good to go. Today I start riding the Cronus. And I have a XO1 to ride in yet too. More arriving daily. Really, some of the bikes are either too big or too small for me as I will have assorted sizes in the demo fleet. I really might need some help.

And I still need to ride the Superfly ( pics to come, Jake) before the first race in a little over a week. With the woods just a sloppy mess it doesn't look good. I might need to travel south to hit a wooded area. Maybe this weekend. 

I have so many bikes that I have to ride. I love my job.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where the Rubber meets the Road.

Carbon. Will have them on bike later today. Pics to follow.
Received these for my Superfly. Carbon. Tubeless of course.
Normally I would not run carbon wheels on a MTB. But the bigger hoops changes my thought. Taking a few grams off outside rotating weight is huge. Double the effect of taking it off the bike. Its the theory of taking a string a foot long and swing a weight on the end. Now make the string three feet long and the added resistance in your hand is 4 fold. A lighter 29er wheel has more rotating effect than a lighter 26. So carbon I will go.
And I have been tubeless for 6 years now. I was tubeless before tubeless was cool.
Green is the new pink.

However I do not take advantage of what tubeless was made to do. Without a tube you can run lower pressure without a pinch flat. Bigger footprint. With me being a larger fellow I still run 50 pounds in my tires (MTB), tubeless or not. I do it for the weight. 

I mount lightweight tubed tire tubeless.
A UST tire has a bigger bead and is generally heavier than a normal ( not UST) tire. Really, the lack of tube is offset by the heavier tire. So I take a super light tire, like a Hutch Python Light and with a little Stans in the tire (just a little) I mount it up without a tube. Very light. I have this setup on my old Fuel in the basement and its held air going on 4 years now. I have never flatted just due to the setup. When I flatted I would have flatted tubed too. In fact, the Stans sealed a puncture several times that would have flatted me tubed. I cant wait to run the carbon wheels. I'll pass on my thoughts when I do.

Which will be none too soon with the snow we got yesterday. Im not going to talk about it. Im in denial. I am not going to acknowledge its existence and move on.

As far the shoes... they are not carbon. Just very cool. Really, I cant run more than 50 yards. So maybe now I can run maybe 60. I only run if Im being chased. 

Stay warm.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Its my time now....

Just imagine staring at this bike since late October. Everyday.
Up until this week I did not even sit on it.
Now its fitted and ready to go.
With pedals and cages it weights in at 15 pounds 10 oz. I have yet to name this bike.

Im not worthy to ride a bike like this and can thank Trek's awesome demo program for letting me be able to ride cool bikes like this.
At the end of the summer it will have to be sold to some lucky person who will get it for a song.
I know its hard to understand but I miss owning a bike. Now, whenever I ride a bike it feels rented kinda. Its mine to ride but not really mine.
Except for pinky. I own pinky.
So now my bike stable is as follows:
Road: Madone 6.5 Project
MTB: Superfly elite (with carbon wheels!)
Cross: Blue Norcross SL
Not a bad lineup if I do say so myself. All bike share a commen theme. All Sram No Shimano. Red on the Madone, XO on the Superfly (2 by 10) and Force on the Blue.

Again, not worthy of any of those rides. But maybe you are.
But not for awhile yet. I need my time with them first.


Monday, April 18, 2011


Their equivalent of a group ride.
The pic is from Sunday morn. Huge winds had the seagulls out playing. The seagull is a very good flyer. They can fly fast or slow. Straight up or straight down. And when its windy they come out to play and thats what they were doing in the HP on Sunday. Playing the wind gusts. Was cool to watch.

I too went out to play the wind gusts. Steve D and I had a two hour battle (really only one cuz we turned around) with the huge wind. We spent the first part of the ride directly into the up to 40mph gusts.
When it hit you square on I couldn't even breath. 8 to 9mph average.
But beggars cant be choosers since this was only the second ride in a week for me. And the next week doesn't look so good either. Mix of snow and rain four out of the next six days. A few days highs only in the 30's. Seems my seasonal affective disorder is worse in late April than it was in Jan\Feb.

I hear its going to get warmer and that we just need a little patience.
Patience is not one of my strong suites.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Just Another Friday

Huge winds from east means angry lake. 815am
Cold and windy. No motivation to ride today. The lake was very loud today. When on the beach you would have a hard time with normal conversation. Unless you were talking to yourself like I was.
Today is going to be a full day in the store. Open to close. That's OK as I have a lot of admin stuff to do. Hope to sell stuff in between. Really, the spring rush has yet to hit here. Its been a trickle at best to date. Im ready for it. Been ready for quite a while.
Here's a pic from my HP that you have never seen on this blog before. Its a huge mile long marshy area. Its in this area that a million sandhill cranes live in spring.
See em'? In there somewhere.

I have a story to go along with the pic.....

Last Wednesday while on my 3 hour ride I rode past this area (as I always do) and as I was heading out of the park I noticed a huge shadow move across the road. Huge. 

I thought it was an airplane. I look up to see 16 ( I counted) sandhill cranes flying in a V maybe 50 yards over my head. Im pretty sure cranes do not fly silent but it didn't matter cuz I had the tunes playing in my ear. This configuration was so large it startled me. I watched as they circled and landed in this very marsh. Was very cool.

My HP isn't all beach. Its beach, woods and marsh. Three separate eco systems within a couple hundred yards. Thats why I love that place so much. However the beach is my fav.

Not so sure on what riding I will get in this weekend. Cold and rainy tomorrow. Sunday looks better.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


8 mpg along 37 mpg
Do the math. If you drive 10k per year at $3.90 cents per gallon. I just went thru this scenario with buying the new car. It gets 37mpg (rated) and I hope to get at least 35 in real life.
Its weird how I almost find these huge SUV's offensive.
Do you really need all that room in there? Do they have 5 kids?
Why would someone pay so much more money to drive such a huge vehicle?
They must have a huge amount of disposable income.

I did get in almost 3 hours in the saddle yesterday and it was a very nice ride. I rode straight west (away from the lake) and it went from 48 degrees to 65 degrees in less than 20 minutes. Layer after later of clothing came off. Gloves came off. Even my knee warmers became too warm but did not remove them cuz I would need them to get back to the store.
So I turned back east (toward the lake) and put layer after layer back on every 20 minutes or so. Its just what you need to do to ride where I live. You just deal with it.
I always travel with a full kit in the car, in summer I have two.
But now I have almost two backpacks full of assorted layers. Clothing to accommodate 28 degrees up to 70 degrees. About one thousand dollars worth of clothes if you count the shoes, boots and helmet.
That's bananas.
A few more days of cold temps have hit. A few snowflakes this morn. Lows in the 20's.
I say fine. Just this one last weekend. Then, it better get warmer.

Or else Im gonna..............


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cuz I Can.

Spent some quality time this morn in the HP. In fact, I listened to the entire side one of Rush's Hemispheres while there. Side one meaning I did at one time have it on vinyl. I have a pretty huge CD collection and I get pumped when I pull out a oldie that I have not heard in years and rock out to it. Last time with this one was maybe 10 to 12 years ago. Makes me feel crazy old.

The bike on top is my old Fuel. Its 10 years old this April. Its got some very slightly used XT driveline stuff so Im taking it to the store to do something with it. The fork is shot. The rear shock is shot.
So I'll look at it everyday until something comes to mind.
Maybe order some kind of weird frameset to put that drive on? Who knows.
Yesterday was a very busy day for me. With picking up (doing all the paperwork) for the new car, then spending time a the DMV ordering new plates for the Storecar (personalized), I did not get out for a ride. I just made it back for a 530pm fitting session I had going on. 

So with not riding since last Thursday, and with me feeling  pretty good being on the back side of that cold crap I had, and since its already 53 degrees, and since its going to get colder for a few days soon, and since I can, I am calling in the part timers and ditching the store for a day of riding.

Im here this morn, maybe a bit of receiving to do when UPS guy gets here, then Im out. 
Three hours minimum.
Riding Yellowblackblue.
If you see me wave. Hopefully no rescues needed.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

31 years.

745am. Took this pic without getting out of the car!
So today is my wedding anniversary. Not counting a few "breaks" inbetween my wife and I have been married 31 years. Thats a long time. And while its not always been good its pretty good right now. And looks good moving forward.
Im a strong believer in that humans are not meant to be together an entire lifetime. That by nature we seek changing environments. I believe we get bored much sooner than we think. And suffer in a bad situation way too long before we change it. You only have one life to live.
I am getting way too deep here so I'll stop. Anyway, I did what any guy would do on their 31st. I bought her a car. A 2011 Kia Forte'. 37mpg. Pick it up this aft.
But before you give my any props I'll mention I too am getting something out of it. It means I'll get to drive the stores Escape full time and not have to share it anymore. And we really needed a car after I had to give my company car back in January. My 16 year old daughter benefits also as she also gets a full time car. Its a win\win\win situation.

I did not ride yesterday. I must be getting smarter as I get older. Giving that crappy cold one more day to improve and it did. Feeling good enuf to ride this aft. First since last Thursday when I flatted. Hope for two hours around 2pm

Store is doing well with the swing towards spring. Sold two Madones this week alone. Pretty cool. And the bike fitting is doing well too. Im starting April 15th and have 4 sessions lined up soon there after. I like doing that. Its fun.

Alas it might be short lived. I hear snow in the forecast for the weekend.

For real.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Wasted Weekend

Just my luck to get sick on the first weekend that you could ride without all the stupid winter clothing. I get these colds every year. They seem to be like super colds on steroids. Everything hurts. I cant hear or taste anything.

I spent the weekend on the couch, watching everyone ride past my house ( I live on a popular bike route).

Spent most of last nite watching the light show.....  then went to bed.
I did feel a little better this morn, and should probably lay low for a bit yet but Im not that smart and will try to get in a little ride. But I'll soft peddle for sure.
The lightning was not all I watched last nite. As far as Im concerned, the Pro road season is over until next April. My two fav's are completed.
If you watched Paris-Roubaix you saw another day where no one would help Cancellara. Too bad. If Hushoud would of helped him he could have been on the podium along with him. But instead they choose not to and in turn bury themselves. And Thor was not the only one. Whats wrong with these people. Do they not was to see Fabian on the podium so bad that they throw their race away to try and hold him back?

Didn't work.


Friday, April 8, 2011

The Fine Art of Getting Rescued Gracefully.

Yellow black Blue.
So yesterday I get to the store at 8am. Temps at 42. Awesome. Should be around 50 come ride time. Not. Breeze off the lake again. Fog rolls in. 38 degrees at 3pm. I dress warm and its all good. 
Store was busy so I had to take a shorter route with the hour I had to myself. Once again riding my new cross bike that I have now named "yellow black blue". Those Kenda's were rockin' the road so I skipped the woods due to the time constraints.
Spent some quality time in the HP. Sun was out (pic was taken yesterday).
Turned and headed home with a smile on my face.
About 4 miles from store I flatted. Not sure why, I haven't looked at the bike yet.
No biggie. Im set. Tube and CO2 in seat bag.
You never think of what a pain in the ass it is changing a tube on the side of the road until you do it. Its sounds OK when you say it out loud. But its a downer when you have a good ride going. But you get to the task at hand.
As you are doing this simplest of duty's some people stop and ask if your OK. You say, "sure" and they move on. Its nice that some people still stop and ask but really, what can they do? Mostly older people. But its cool anyway.

Im about 5 minutes into this thing before I realize I cannot roll the tire off by hand. And no levers in the bag. Im pretty damn good with rolling tires by hand but no way was I going to get this one off. Im screwed.

So your mind starts racing. What to do. Looks like Im going to have to interrupt the playlist on my phone to call. Who? Only one guy at store so he cant leave. Who's not at work right now that you could call? I called home and my wife left to get me. 12 miles away thru the city. Its gonna be awhile.
So do I start walking? No. That's kinda dumb cuz what does it matter if your picked up here or a half mile from here? Keep trying the tire? Nope. My fingers were already bleeding and she's on the road already anyway.
So there you sit. Feeling kinds stupid along side the road. You look around to see if anyone see's you.
Some cars still stop. Its kinda embarrassing but still lets me keep the faith in mankind that most of us is good. However, Im sure none of them had a tire lever in their car. 

Here's my trick: pull out the phone and make believe you had to take an important call. Like its from the President or something. Or maybe your a doctor and you need to prescribe 10cc's of something.
And you need to keep standing. Don't sit. And don't walk.
After a couple of fake calls I then just check my Facebook.
Then go thru my emails. Stuff like that.
After what seemed like an eternity she arrives and you throw the bike on the car and get in the car with your helmet on. If you leave your helmet on it still feels like its part of the ride and that nothing weird is going on.

So, I had to get rescued yesterday. I guess it happens. Ive been riding now for 9 years and if I think hard only needed to be rescued four times. Once I broke a wheel, once I hit the pavement and twice for stupid flat tires.

That's not so bad.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

As promised (to myself)

In the woods. 215pm
As I mentioned yesterday I did get out on the trails for the first time. Still a little wet but rideable for sure. This will now be incorporated in my training loop to the HP. This is my mostest favorite loop in the world and will be an almost daily task. As the temps warm, I am able to bring a camera thats not under 4 or 5 layers of clothes so pics can happen often.

Kenda small block 8s
As if on que, the lake tried its best to damage my ride. I left just before 2pm, and the bank showed 48 degrees, then the wind picked up off the lake and the temps plummeted. I froze my ass off for the second half of the ride. When I returned to the store is was 39. Not fair.

I was happy to take off the road tires and get back to some soft rolling cross rubber. I always wanted to try these Kenda small block eights. I have a similar pattern on the Superfly. While I dont think they would work too well in a Wisco cross race, they fit the bill of training tire. My training loop is about an hour on the road and a hour in the woods. And these tires roll awesome on the road, and do OK in the woods. Perfect.
They will stay on till September. To be replaced with Tufo's come race day.

Freezing in my HP
Today the sun is out, temps are once again teasing me to wear less clothes (on the ride) and I will shoot for two hours today if the lake lets me.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love \ Hate

As spring rolls around my love\hate relationship with the lake gets tested. 
Its at this time the weather dudes always close their temp report with "cooler near the lake".
Those who live right next to it as I do understand what Im talking about. I can leave the store, ride west (away) from it and in less than an hour its 15 degrees warmer. Its tough to gauge clothing layers.
Another issue is that my fav route from the store is along the lake over to my HP. And I refuse to let that pesky lake change that. So while all my western friends are riding short sleeve, Im layered up and riding the cross bike to my fav place in the world. 
Speaking of, today is a spring milestone for me. I take the road tires off my cross bike, put the knobbys back on.
Two thing happen.
1) I believe the woods near my happy place is dry enough to ride in. Its a very sandy soil and drys up fast. I think its ready. Gonna try today.
One of the happier moments in my life is the feeling I get the first time I hit the woods every spring. The snow is gone and your tires are on dirt. That might happen this aft! And....

B) Since the road tired cross bike was my roadie.... Then that means Im gonna hafta bust out the Madone for its maiden voyage. Ive been staring at that thing hanging all around the store since last November. I have yet to even sit on it. 
That will happen this week sometime.
Maybe I'll showcase the Madone in tomorrows post.

I almost forgot..... I have a Superfly to ride too!
So many bikes.... so little time.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As I sit at my HP this morn, the sun is out and the breeze is a bit warmer. This day will have a lot of possibility. I started early today. I am a morning person. I love early morn. Early morn is my favorite.
Successful delivery.
I gauge my end of day by time and whats going on. If its 9pm and I have nothing to do I go to bed. If theres something I can do then I stay up to do it. I do not stay up just for the sake of staying up. In return, Im up early. I do wait until its light out tho. Go to bed when it gets dark, wake when it gets light.
The morning is the best time of day cuz
its too early for anything to go bad.
Today I had another delivery. I like to deliver the goods. I really have nothing else to do in the morn before the store opens, so I incorporate it with my HP visit. And the customers really dig it.
There all happy to see me. Im happy to see them happy.
Its a happy morning.
Today its gonna be near 50 and sunny. Tomorrow looks like rain.
Its gonna be two hours in the saddle today.
Hopefully this small window of nice weather will help out this weeks sale.
I think it will.
More noise upstairs just now.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Rainy. Good time to get some paperwork done. 935am
Another Sunday morn in the store. Cold rain will let me get some work done here alone. All is dark except the lamp on my desk. No noises upstairs. Was a good day to sleep in.
Flanders is finishing up as I type but I am staying off all social networks so I can watch it this afternoon. Flanders is pretty much my fav. Along with Paris\Roubaix.
So the next two weeks is the highlite of the season for me. Bring it on.
Put in a solid 2.5 hours in the saddle yesterday. I felt good. Ended up with 11.5 hours for the week. That felt good too. 
I sure was in some kind of panic 3 weeks ago. With only 5 hours in Feb I was sure I was past the point of no return. I felt that bad on the bike. So bad that I was ready to move on to something else with my life. I was to the point of making peace with it and letting it go.
But I knew once things start rolling it would come back fast and it did. While I still have my weight to work on the legs are feeling great.
And I guess that's half the battle.
This coming week is the Trek spring sale along with some damp days predicted. That might cut me down a bit but its expected so no biggie.
Some of the guys had their full on road bikes Saturday, some had cross bikes (me) and even a couple MTB's. The roadies dominated.
Really made me want to bust out that Madone in the window. As soon as the woods dry up and I can get cross tires back on the crossbike I will bust it out. Mid April.
So today I will hang out here at the store, get all my paperwork done, head out to grab some lunch, then head home, crack open a beer and watch Flanders.


Friday, April 1, 2011


Not today!
I used this pic today cuz its the only one that shows the huge upper in the building Im in. Then 3 business line up under it.

I have never been up there but was told that it a maze of offices once used by Wallgreens. I believe there is two story's above me yet.
All of it has been empty since the 1960's.

As I mention prior, I have heard strange things up there. Right above the store. I walked down to the sign shop, three doors over and talked to them. They have not heard anything but showed me the only staircase to the upper. Said its been locked and unused for quite some time. But the building owner does go up there about once a year. But its been over a year since.

I hear the same noise. Its a dragging noise, not a bump or thud. Only before we open, say 8 or 9am. Sooner or later Im going to try and get up there. But I dont want anyone to know I am. 

Once, right when we opened two years ago water leaked down from above into our office area. Someone did have to up there to check it out. Not sure who or what was found or done. It stopped the next day. I believe that was the last time someone was up there according to the sign shop cuz whoever go's up there has to go thru their work area to get to the staircase.

Anyway... I dont believe in ghosts and an sure there is an explanation. But I always feel weird when I hear it... so I hope to clear this up sooner than later.

Moving on.... my bike riding was prime this week ending 11.5 hours. No riding today for me as I am in the store alone and hope to stay busy........  11 hours today: 8am to 7pm.

Bring that on and have a good weekend.