Saturday, February 26, 2011

Too much Snow

Too much snow has been my theme of late.
Today's ride was just OK. 7 of us hit the road a bit. A slight dusting of snow had the city dumping a boatload of salt on the roads that seems like will take a ton of rain to clean off.
I need spring. Really bad.
Got invited to ski on Sunday and I declined. I am so done with that. 
The store is almost sold out of CC ski stuff.
I sold my last trainer Friday.
All issues point to spring.
Bring it on.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Another reason to wish the snow away.

H.P.....denied! 820am
This is as close as I can get to my HP. Damn the snow!
Today I get to spend the entire day in the store as I am the only one here.
Really not like working at all. But have a lot of work to do.
Spring bike stuff to order.
Its a good time when you start with a black page, open up the catalogs and just start picking and choosing. For me its not that hard.
I just pick the stuff that I would want or use and that works out pretty good for the store.
Making sure I get some of it in my size.  :)

Not so sure on the ride tomorrow. The skiing is back on plus the Birkie is this weekend.
So I would think the Saturday group is going to be small again. No beach to ride does not help either. Although it is the time of year that most of those roadie guys want to stay on the pavement anyway.
They call it training.
Looks like the temps will only be in the mid 20s so that will keep the slush to a minimum.
I hope for 3 hours in the saddle.


Thursday, February 24, 2011


The other day I was ranting on how I was ready for spring when it was 50 degrees.

Then I was ranting a couple days ago on how I was glad winter came back.

Today I got to the store early to do some paperwork and set up some bike stuff orders.

But instead, I went back into my archives of summer pics ( I categorise my pics by seasons) and just went thru all of them. Spent a good hour on this as I have hundreds. Mostly in my HP. Heres one from last year. 

And as I drove to the store this morn I was thinking a bike ride would be nice today. Its 32 degrees already at 830am. I just cant get spring out of my head right now. I do miss it. I hate having to put all the layers on to ride my bike. I miss short sleeves and my Sidi shoes. 

But with the late season snow comes the warmer temps during the day. It pretty much abouve freezing every day now.

And with all the snow the roads are a soaking mushy snowy mess so I am denied my ride. And with the 3 to 4 foot piles along the road will be for awhile. And all of a sudden... I am not so glad we got hit with more snow. Yes... the woods were (and probably still are) breathtaking. I did get out for an hour and a half ski yesterday. But my euphoria for winter vistas has passed. That ski time in the woods just did not pack the punch it had in January.

I want the snow to go away!

I keep telling myself that I will be able to work on my weight as soon as I can ride more. I need to ride 15 hours a week to lose weight.  Riding everyday is here right now is possible but a pain in the ass and not always fun.

I dont want to ski anymore.... I want to ride my bike!

So I retract what I said in the last post. 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glad it Snowed

I felt kinda bad that I tried to push winter away so quickly. I was too quick to count it out and wish it away. 
Im sorry.
I was a little punch drunk with the 50 degree weather. Deep down I did know it was still February and winter was far from over. But last week I wished it was. And now Im glad its back.
The woods are as breathtaking as it gets. During todays groom I must have stopped and just looked 50 times.
The skiing is prime. The temps are perfect (about 28 degrees) for fast snow. The sun is out and its very warm. Im pumped that winter came back. I can wait awhile for spring.

Maybe about one more month.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

First Beach of 2011

Todays group plus my shadow.
Take away all the ski trails and look what happens. Bike count doubles.
Even the cool guys show up like Brian "I dont need no stinking helmet" Schwaller.
I was, and never will be, cool enough to ride without a helmet.
With the almost week long thaw we did get some exposed sand on the beach and the 19 degree nite froze it a bit. So we did get a little beach today, first in two months. But it was pretty rough and a 260 pound guy riding a drop bar cross bike with 80 pounds of pressure (for the road) suffered quite a bit. But it was nice to ride next to the lake again.
And today I had to cut short as my Saturday guy is up north skiing so Im solo in the store and had to get back by 10am to open. Im OK with it. Once in a while.

Mixed feelings about the impending snow. Calling for 10 to 12. If it sticks around a while then fine.... if its gonna melt by next weekend the forget it. Either way, I might be laying down a groom late tomorrow. 
Come to think of it, one or two more times out on the ski's would not be a bad thing.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun Sale

First of 3 trips to school
Today I finished up a fun sale. Loaded up the car three times and delivered 15 bikes to a local school district. I really like selling bikes to schools cuz I know kids will ride them. Actually, they have to or they get a bad grade. And who knows... they might just like it.

I got in a pretty good ride yesterday but not today. Damp and foggy.

But warm. Walking around outside with a tshirt. Next chance for saddle time will be Saturday morn. But not a lot of it as I have to hold the store down all by my lonesome. And thats fine, I have to let the weekend help have some time off too.
The ski trails here are just about done for. If not totally done for. Temps predicted to go above freezing for the next week, maybe longer.
And thats OK by me. Bring it on.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I guess the new this week is the weather. Near 50 a few days. Sun.
While Im sure this is just a teaser it sure did jump start the store. Bikes are being wheeled out on a daily basis right now. Ski's are now so last week.
And I could not be happier.
Todays ride is planned for around 2pm.
I have to scramble to find lighter clothing in the basement to wear. Stuff I have not worn since last November.
Gone are the Amfib tights and on go the knee warmers.
I cant wait to be able to ride with less clothing.
I hate riding with a ton of clothes, looking like Ralfies brother Randy.
So as much as I love to ski, I love cycling quite a bit more.
So let it all melt.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Group Ride

A very awesome ride for me today. 2 hours 45 min in the saddle. Some pretty good efforts.
With the temps hovering mid 20's to 30 it felt like summer compared to just two days ago.

Once again I am restarting the training program. I did start it awhile ago but a week of sub zero, followed by a week following the blizzard, followed by yet another week of sub zero put a dent in my peddle time. But with all next week calling for near 40 degrees its back on.
And it could not come soon enuf for me.

As far as riding a trainer I got good news and some bad news.

The good news is that I went all winter without riding a trainer.
The bad news is that I went all winter without riding a trainer.

I have some catching up to do. Base miles start now.

Bring it on.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Its Time......

Its time to ditch the studs. Temps almost 40 on Sunday. Yeah.... I know its gonna snow again. But my frame of mind is changing. 
It changes with the first 40 degree day.
Then changes again with the first 50 degree day.
Then one last time on the first 60 degree day.
Tomorrows group ride will be in the upper 20's. Its been awhile since I felt that warmth.
Bring it on.
Hopefully at least three hours tomorrow.
Real training starts when the studs come off.
Tomorrow is for real.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Frozen HP/Thinking Spring

Awesome HP pics!

As usual I was amazed by my happy place this morn. I headed out for a very brief walk on the beach. 
Very brief because.......
A: it was -8, and
2: I was wearing shorts.(I wear them year round)

The ice formations are the biggest in well over 10 years. In fact I cannot remember them this big ever.
I still am going to put together my top 10 HP pics and Im sure the formations will be one of them.

I used to hit my HP on a daily basis as I was driving to work. But now I dont have any set hours and the frequency has taken a hit. In the last month I think I groomed the trails there more than I visited, although I consider both the same.

Its almost mid Feb and the store is thinking spring. And that makes me think of spring to. I stare out onto the floor and see my 6.5 Madone and Superfly in the window and makes me want to ride in short sleeves. I really do like winter and hope the skiing is around for awhile yet but the cold temps is what hits me hard in my old age. And as far as that's concerned I have had enough.

But in a few weeks its going to be March and the ultra cold temps will be gone. The sun is higher in the sky a little more every day. In fact the weather dudes are calling for close to 40 degrees this Sunday and it cant come soon enough for me.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Store Stuff

Now that I got all the football out of my system its back to work. And back to the store too.

One thing Im getting better at is pre-orders. Vender's give you a couple percent discount if you order way ahead. But it was hard for me to do with no history to rely on. 

But now that Im closing in on two years (already?) its getting easier to do so. Today I put in my CC ski order. And not for this winter which is going full on right now. Nope.

Its for next fall. In retail, in whatever you sell, you need to work six months in advance. Last fall (Oct) I tried to put in my spring bike stuff order but just did not have enough history to do so wisely. So I missed out. Next fall for sure.

I still work out of the store. Driving a truck for several organisations. All on a part time basis. But I have a date. And that date is April 1st. As of that date I will be full time in the store and will have to make some hard decisions on employee hours. Ive been working here now for almost two years without taking any pay. Im due. And the store is ready for me having paid down all the start up cost loans in the last two years. At least most of it.

I actually am in a pretty good position with my profession in the transportation industry. I will work the store full time in summer, and work out of the store in winter. My madd truck driving skilz will let me pull that off easily.

So its about six weeks and counting and I will be on the store's payroll for the first time.

Bring it on........


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My One Football Post. (OK... two)

DISCLAIMER: This is a bike blog. But this post has nothing to do with bikes. So if your not a football fan you are excused. Posting on bikes and all the stuff to with them will resume with the next post. Thank you.

 After the events the last few days I guy like me needs to vent a little. In a good way. As I mentioned in my last post I do enjoy football quite a bit. Ive studied it in my youth and really, when I watch a game I still do. Most people do not really know my passion for the game because I pretty much suppress it. I could start an entire blog just on football. But I dont. I dont talk about much really but when something like this happens it all starts to flood out. My last post was before the game. This one is after. As soon as I finish typing this, Im off to Lambeau Field to join in the big party going on there. It started yesterday and is still going strong. I was there in 1996 too. My 16 year old daughter was at the airport yesterday when the team landed. About 30 thousand there for that.

I watch games alone. You see a QB get sacked, I see the halfback who missed his block. You see a QB sit back almost forever and then find an open guy. I see 2 holding calls that were missed. If you are a football fan you should watch a game with me. The invention of the DVR lets me run plays again and again and I can show you why whatever happened happened. My wife hates it.

Some observation: Ben Roethlisberger had a bad day. And it could not happen to a better guy. His off field antics makes him not my fav of mine.

The NFL owes an apology to Clay Mathews for picking Troy Polamalu
for defensive player of the year. CM3 forced a game deciding fumble, knocked down a pass to almost intercept it and was pretty much all over the field. The only thing Polamalu did consistently was be 3 steps behind where ever he was supposed to be. No comparison. I think they picked Troy cuz hes quite a bit older and that's bogus.

I could write here for hours but Im not. Gonna head down to Lambeau and get it out of my system, and then hopefully return to business as usual. If thats possible. Stuff like this does not happen everyday. At least not until next year........


Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday w\football

My posting has been a little slower of late. Been busy but today I get a break and will work the store alone. I like that. But before the store opens I get out and about. Got to the HP and spent some time on the beach. Great way to start the day.
30 footer!

Once again, the same 20 yard stretch looks completely different that last week. Huge ice formations now rule the landscape. Some as tall as 30 feet.
I used to walk out on those things when I was young.
Im way smarter now.

Standing at the high water line(in summer)

The formations reach out quite a ways now. Still no where to ride. This has been the worst year for beach rides and is most likely the reason the Saturday group numbers have been at its lowest ever.

Next to the snow, the other big thing is the Super Bowl. I dont talk a whole lot here about football but I do follow our team very closely. Back in High School I didnt play any football but I did study it. I was more interested on why the play worked as opposed to who was playing it. In time I gave it up to move onto other things like motorcycles and girls.

Having our team make it to the Superbowl this year was a nice surprise due to all the issues during the year. Win or lose it was an awesome year. In fact, it made our season complete by beating the Bears for the NFC championship. Beating the Steelers is like icing on the cake that we already have. With a win, I will be at Lambeau Field come Monday to celebrate. I was also there the Monday after in 1996. I gatta be there...
After all, I am an owner.........

Go Pack!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Borrowed pic from Rev Jim H.
The latest from DANOville is the "blizzard of the decade". It did in fact swing farther south as expected and I was disappointed. Just not the devastating "white death" as promised from the weather dudes. They always talk this shit up so much that when it gets here its a disappointment.

Never the less its still a snow day here and everyone is digging out. I dont know.... maybe 8 inches last nite and 6 the nite before. But the drifting was pretty awesome.
I could not open the door to our house this morn. Over 3 feet of snow against it. I busted it open as much as I could ( maybe a foot.) and pushed my wife out to shovel it open. 
Its still blowing a bit but as of noon all the roads were passable and plowed. 
South tword Beertown and Chicago got more. Lucky!

I am looking forward to laying down a new groom at the State park later this aft. After such a snow it is just breathtaking in the woods. The best is the first pass thru. When there's a ton of snow I just run the snowmobile thru a few times before I hook up and its just beautiful back in the woods.
I'll take some pics......