Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Am Not Alone Anymore.

For About 9 months out of the year my happy place is where I go to slow down and think about stuff. Or just kill some time.
But to do that I need  my privacy and for 9 months out of the year I pretty much get it. But for about 3 months in the summer I gatta share this place with many others. On weekends this lot is packed with vacationers. And while its expected and I for sure don't mind it does put a dent in my H.P. time. At least the quality time. Its never to the point that would make me stop my daily trek to this spot but it does alter my times and length in doing so.
Had a great ride on the cross yesterday. The last time I rode it I ran into a 35mph car. Hour on the road, hour in the woods. No music.

Looking ahead (as I always do) I have set my return to racing on July 25th at the WORS race. Also starting then will be my first track race on July 27th and running weekly after.
In less than two weeks I will be spending a well deserved week in northern Wisco on our yearly family pilgrimage up there. Except this year its not called vacation, I'm calling it training camp. From July 10th thru the 17th. Miles and miles of beautiful northern country roads makes any training scenario tolerable. And while I never really actually train per say, I will be riding a shit ton.
And I say close enough.


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me, Myself and Bicycles (part two)

So part two is what can go wrong with a cycling obsession (oops, I said the "o" word out loud!). 
Strangely, due to Google's "post later" feature, its only five minutes after I typed my last post. Its still Sunday and its still raining. But its Tuesday morn to you guys.
My cycling passion has not only hurt me in the past but is hurting me in the present.

Lets start with my family. My immediate family never understood my cycling hobby. But with my motto being "nothing in moderation" I jumped into it 110%. For awhile I tried to include them with my cycling adventures but that turned out to be a bust. So, naturally when I was off on a cycling related activity, either riding or racing, I was not with them. And that was a lot.  In time my family started to complain about all this. In time they started to resent my bikes, races and the people I ride with. In return, to get away from all the complaining I naturally spent more time with my bike buddy's than my family. It was a big snowball that exploded (me more than them) in 2008 and I spent one full year living by myself. Divorce papers were file. These issues were entirely induced by my new hobby. Of course it was not all my fault, it was for sure two sided. They could have had a little understanding and cut me a little more slack and I could have been a lot more understanding with their feelings too and spent more time with them.
However both sides did not see the others point of view at that time. Thats the short story. Things got better in Spring of 2009 and my wife now rides with me now and then. Things remain good to this day.

With that behind me I now turn to a new chapter in my cycling adventure. The store. Every cyclist dream? Every kind of bike and accessory at your fingertips? Bike porn 24\7? Yes and no.

There are two ways a business needs to be successful. Financially and personally. I have owned several business's and none of them have ever been successful at both. That said, the store is profitable.
First off, dont get me wrong. Im not gonna ditch it my any means. In fact, its not the stores fault that Im struggling a bit right now. Then again, it is.
My problem here is that I have a ton of money invested in a cool bike store that I cant work at. Its a time issue between my day job and store. I underestimated my time needed to manage this thing and its killing me right now. Its tough mentally. Now my passion is also my burden. I have to be careful here or I could risk damaging my love for the sport.
 Rest assured that I would not let that happen. Bottom line is I have a bike store that I have thousands invested and my house for collateral, and I have a day job. If push came to shove and I had to ditch one it would be a no brainer. But the longer I can put that off, the more debt I can pay off and the better it will be when I do pull the trigger. Time is on my side here.

Then theres the myth about shop owners pulling high dollar bikes to ride anytime they please. Thats half true. While I do have some fancy bikes I am currently riding, I still buy them. They are just a lot cheaper now. Just like the story of the alcoholic who owns a bar, one has to always look at the business side of things. What I ride is not only a decision based on what I like but bottom line practicality. Most people find a bike they like, save up and hopefully can afford it, buy it and love it. Even tho my standards of equipment have risen 10 fold, I still cant ride what I want because I always need to think of the "re-sale". Everything I buy I eventually need to sell cuz as a store owner I need to show off the latest. For instance, do I like Di2? Yes I do, several guys in our group now have it. Can I afford it? Sure. I can get it way cheaper than they paid. Can I resell it? Probably not. That driveline is so expensive that maybe 1 in 500 road bike sales could afford it. So...... I ride Ultegra cuz its easy to sell.
 I know its hard to feel sorry for me. I still do ride good stuff for way cheaper.  When I was picking and choosing my rides two years ago I just never had all this to think about.
So going in this deep is not all gumdrops and lollipops. At least not right now. 

So here's to the future. It still looks bright!

It's still Sunday, stopped raining and between the two posts have been typing about 3 hours.
Time to ride.....


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me, Myself and Bicycles (part one)

Another wasted day. Sitting in the store this morn, watching the rain. Its dark and quiet back in the office area and just thought it would be a good time to think about stuff while I wait for the rain to end. I guess I could take a minute and pick up these bikes.

Lets talk about a dude like me. I guy who loves bikes and everything about them. I love high end bikes but still have a good time on a old beat up single speed. I love riding bikes solo with tunes ( a practice I now use off road only). But love a good group ride and all the social aspects that come from cycling. Very rarely do I meet another cyclist that I do not like. If its ever happened I cant remember it.

Im not sure why I like it. Its fun but so is a lot of things. Its good for your fitness but so is a lot of things. It gets you outside and even out in the woods but so does a lot of things.
 So what is it about a bike?

First off its all of the above for me. Plus.....
I think its a speed thing. I like going fast. I like the constant changing scenery while on a bike as opposed to say.... running. You see more on a bike. You can travel much greater distances than running or hiking or something like that.
Then, there's the cool toy factor. Shiny bells and whistles. Flashy colors and dual suspension. I love cool looking stuff. Weather its a bike, car, scooter or washing machine. If I had a choice to race a boring looking 14 pound bike or a cool looking 18 pound bike I would take that latter. I just feel better on a sharp machine.

Then you have the solo rides. The stress relievers. Thats huge for me. My best ride is a nice jaunt into the woods on a beautiful fall day. Maybe somewhere in northern Wisco. When all the elements hit for a ride like that its pretty much a religious experience for me. By myself, in the woods, its quiet, its sunny and I ride and do not see any signs of other humans. Ive had several of these rides that I have actually teared up a bit.

I would love to go out west and hook a Bob trailer to my MTB and head into the mountains for a few days. I dream of that. I'm afraid I might not want to come out......

I'm glad I have this hobby. A hobby that I would call an obsession ( but I would not use that word out loud). Its actually incredible how deep I'm in considering I have only been riding consistently for about 8 years now. And how late in life I was when I started (42).

But as in everything, theres a price to pay when you get in too deep.
 I'll talk about that next.....


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Another Saturday Post = I Have no Life.

All the roadies are at the Downer Ave Classic in Beer Town.
All the MTB'ers are at the Subaru Cup National.
I'm at home doing nothing so I am hanging out at the store reading all the Facebook updates from both races.
I cant believe Im home with the two biggest races of the summer going down on the same day. 
I have yet to hop on a bike since I got home late yesterday but since I am not at either races I might as well this aft.
Another wasted weekend for me.
I gatta stop that.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Chicago Revisited

I used to spend a lot of time here for work. 2007 and 2008 had my here a few days every other week. Staying mostly in the Elmhurst area. I had very cool bike routes that I used to ride.
It was almost a second home. Almost.

That was then, this is now.

My tolerance for these work vacations have grown thin. I have way too much going on back in Wisco to be spending time here. 
Being here again for my day job makes me think about how much my life has changed in just two years. Sitting in the hotel tonite brings me to think about all the stuff I thought about when I sat in my hotel before. And it all seems so alien when I do. In some ways life was a bit easier then, and in ways was way worse. Just like looking at an old photo album I remember friends I had then and miss. And am glad for any new friends I met since then.

I remember blasting around the inner city looking for strange things. I found plenty. Took a pic of them and saved them somewhere. Also looked for all the cool inner city bike shops and found a few.   
I looked so forward to seeing all that stuff but now my busy lifestyle has my thoughts racing in too many directions to enjoy these sights again

One thing I do miss is a Chicago style hot dog. Portillos is awesome.

But thats it.

I wanna go home right now. Gonna put a ton of miles on this weekend. Glad to be back in the saddle.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Status of my Summer

As summer hits full swing I am thinking of whats in store for me. Big plans get dashed, small ones get resurrection. An ongoing process.

First off, Im in Chicago for my day job this morn, all day and tomorrow too. Kinda a bummer. No H.P. for me today and I feel the loss. Missing one day is noticeable.

So, where am I at this point in time? First off Im healed enough to peddle a bike but not quite ready to race MTB's so this weekend's Suburu Cup is out. Thought of  just going to watch since its a national event but just would rather stay home and get some more miles in. But looking forward should be ready to rock the next race for sure. Good luck to all who are going this weekend.

One of my plans this summer was to tour WI again on the bike like I did back in 08'. Meeting up with a car at a bad time changed those plans to maybe a shorter run. Now, I have nixxed the ride altogether. Just wont have the fitness to lay down 70 mile days consistently. I'll turn that extra time into several longer WORS weekends to make up for it.

The second week of July is my fam's yearly trek to northern Wisco for a week. Looking forward to that and all the cool riding it will bring me. My wife should join my for a few rides but mostly will be bombing the north woods solo.

With my riding of late being mostly recovery riding I have been almost entirely solo since I got hurt. And I really do miss the iPod in my ears. Ive been playing my music over my Blackberrys speaker while its in my jersey pocket but its not the same. I cant rock out as well as having the buds in my ears. So solo is not as fun as it used to me. But considering what happened I gatta do what I gatta do. 

As far a track racing I do hold a candle for that. Hopefully late July when I get back from vacation. I have not even sat on that new track bike much. Thats a shame.

So thats about what I think my summers going to be. Subject to change.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Morning After.

Some days I lay awake for hours in the morn. Usually after days like yesterday. Its a big day for the store when the races come to town and I don't mean in sales, in mean in everything else. Then, when it all winds down my brain keeps going and that what happened to me last nite. The off switch was busted. Maybe 3 hours sleep.

This event starts pretty much early the day before for me. Collecting all the chairs and tables, ordering the food (we went thru $190.00 bucks worth of veggie and cold cut subs), arranging the advertising, changing the floor a bit. Then morning of its setting it all up and keeping it going all day. Set up a pro rider meet and greet in front of the store. For the most part I leave everyone else do their job and try to do all this extra curricular stuff by myself.  Not a lot of sales but a lot of talking and showing off the wares which is still a good thing.
Things went well.
By 8 oclock the races are over and I'm pretty much wasted. I think more than some of the guys who just finished 90 minutes of riding in circles.
But I had tear down planned to a  T and just shoved everything outside into my enclosed trailer and locked it. Done and on my way home. In bed by 9. Fell asleep around 1, woke around 4ish.
So I think when I hit the H.P. this morn I was still in wind down mode from yesterday. And should complete such mode in about an hour when I will have myself a bit of a nice bike ride for about an hour and a half.
That should do it.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Quickie

Just sittin' in the store while its still quiet. The Tour of Americas Dairy land is here today. Go's right past our front door so for us its like the circus coming to town.
It will be a long day for me.

On the injury front, the bruising is about 90% gone. Tailbone is feeling better and I can sit for longer periods of time. As mentioned yesterday, riding is getting better everyday.

However I still have a huge lump on my hip, called a hematoma, which is a weird name for a huge bruise. Its about 6 inches by 4 inches and is about 3 to 4 inches high. I guess its filled with blood that has thickened and cant be drained. Its not hurting anything but looks weird and feels weird. I'm gonna have to get it removed at some point.

Not sure when but not right away. I really want to ride a bit before I cant again. Its really annoying. I cant wear some of my pants. So, thats something I have to look forward to in the future.

Found this pic on facebook and thought I would pass it along. Having a teenage daughter who compiles about 5000 texts a month I always worry bout this.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow things will be back to normal, I'll be on a bike ride to my H.P.

I'd like that.


Monday, June 21, 2010


A quick post:
Rode Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 6 hours between them. Already feel better on the bike.
But it took its toll Sunday nite as I was just wasted and crawled into bed while it was still light out.
No riding for me today and tomorrow as the bike races are in town so Im working the store prep for that.
Stop down and say hi.

Could not take a pic today as my daughter stole my camera, so here's one of the Oscar Meyer Winnie wagon I took in Chicago a few years back. Enjoy.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Not Quite There

Today I tried the Saturday group ride. I had planned to hit it for about 15 miles and then pull. I lasted about 5 miles. The group rode out of town at about 20mph and I fell off and they never looked back. I brought it up to about 23 mph to try and bridge but just could not hold it long enuf.
I dropped and had a nice 25 mile ride. 
I knew I had lost a ton of fitness. Not just cuz of the time off but cuz of the injures and weight gain too.
I have a long way to go to get back and a short time to get there.
It starts yesterday.


Friday, June 18, 2010

A Flippin' Bike Ride!

Today is a good day.
My ride to my happy place was for realsies today as I had my first real bike ride since my car encounter. The water and sky looked a little bluer today. The sun was way brighter.  You could not slap the smile off my face if you tried. Rode for 25 wonderful miles on the Madone. I had a little pain but consider it tolerable.  So Im pumped to get back in the swing of things. I have a lot of catching up to do as I did gain a few pounds and sure can feel the drop in fitness. 13 days off the bike.

 I took the time off the Madone to pimp it out a little more. FSA plasma one piece stem\handlebar. Kinda my welcome back gift to myself. I love it. Originally I had this piece on the track bike but since thats on the back burner for the time being it seemed dumb to let a $600 plus dollar handlebar sit unused.

Thats just wrong.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunny Day

Todays ride to my happy place was a short one. Short is still better than none. Pic is DANOvilles city water front. Not my HP. Sun is out so its all good this morning!

Todays thoughts:

Pretty much the busiest time for the cycling summer is starting today. The Tour of Americas Dairyland starts today and runs for over a week. Next Tuesdays race is in DANOville and runs right past the stores front window. Its like the circus coming to town for us. Lots of stuff to plan.
Then after Dairyland its the long standing Superweek (known as "stupidweek" to us locals). But its cool to be able to see a few pro riders race in the area.

Throw in a few WORS MTB races and that makes July the busiest month of the year. Busiest month for bike stores too.

Add in a week of relaxation in northern Wisco sometime in the middle of July and I am what you would call "booked". 
 I took the time off the bike to pimp out my Madone even a little bit more (and you thought it was not possible). Will have pics up soon.
Was thinking a ride on it today but its not quite done so its off to the Milwaukee area for the first Dairyland race tonite.

See you there.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pic Diversification.

Todays morning pic is not in my H.P. But on my way to it. Your looking across the lakefront of Danoville. You can see the powerplant on the left, very near where we start our winter group rides from. The woods behind and to the left of the plant is where my H.P. is. About 5 miles from where I took this pic . Every time I see the powerplant from here it reminds me of my favorite Pink Floyd album.
Another day of recovery I guess. Im having a tough time thinking of things to write about cuz Im not doing anything. Wednesday Nite Worlds Group Social Ride (WNWGSR) takes place tonite and I am bummed out not being able to do it. The last one I did I finished in the field with a 19+ mph average. Its going to be quite a while before I can do that again. But Im determined to return. I have my work cut out for me as I have gained weight in the last 9 days since I dented the car. And I expected that. Its really to the point where Im just trying to control my losses during this time. Not doing a good job of that.
There is a bit of sun on the horizon as I am going to try and go for a road ride maybe tomorrow on the Madone. No big efforts but if I can get an hour in without too much pain and swelling I will consider it a success. I still have a huge lump on my hip a little bigger than my hand. Its gonna look weird when I put on lycra for the first time since. Its like I got this weird growth.

However Im still optimistic enuff to register for my first Ore to Shore today. That, along with my first Iceman this fall will make good use out of my Superfly 100. Im gonna use those two races as   weight loss motivation. I'm in my age class at Iceman, no Clydesdale for me.

Have a great humpday.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ticket Tuesday.

Took a day off from blogging yesterday after putting in overtime over the weekend. Its a bummer. Being slowed down the last week has me pacing both home and in the store.
Today's ride to my H.P. was a good one (I always say that). Saw two eagles. One mature and another immature.  Its been a long time since I saw those guys. I think last time was in February, maybe March. So that made my day.
 Time to start to diversify my morning pic taking and turn the camera away from the lake. But still near my H.P.
As my bumps and bruises slowly dissipate I cant seem to be bummed out about the constant pain. And I'm not sure I can talk about it without sounding like a baby but its been constant for 8 days now. Yesterday was the best I have ever done with medication, not taking any ibuprofen until about 8pm. Its always worse at nite.
Moving on.
As some point this week Im going to ride a bike. And not the electric bike (which Im dyin' to try on a group ride). Either my Madone of Superfly.
Also, had a police officer stop in and give me a ticket for last weeks accident today. However, it was just a "bicycle" ticket and not a traffic ticket. Twenty bucks. Had a good laugh with the cop. He felt kinda bad when I showed him by full body bruise. 

But not as bad as I feel.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Post? Bike Ride!

So as I laid in bed this morn I was kinda bummed about not going to the races. Both State Crit championships and  MTB race today. As I mentioned before, normally I would not have raced these but would have liked to go to at least one to watch. 
Then this idea hit me like a two ton heavy thing.!
I should go for a small bike ride on the electric assist bike I have in the store and that's what I did.
Im not going to make this sound like a advertisement. That's what the store site is for.  So Im just gonna say I was pumped to be able to take a bike ride to my happy place this morn. I put in about 20 miles with an average of 19mph. You can pretty much hold 20mph with this thing without too much effort.
I was happy to find that my peddle motion is fine. No hip pain with the movement whatsoever. Its in my tailbone and the bruising where the pain still sits. But again, I'll take that for now. Considering what happened.
So just wanted to say I rode a bike and the sun even came out for awhile.
But now I gatta go home and ice the swelling.
Totally worth it.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strange Saturday Post.

It just seems so strange to be posting every Saturday morn. I dont like it. I should not be here. At this point, for reasons that are obvious and for some that are not, my lifestyle has taken a wrong turn and I need to back up.... and figure out where I made a left instead of a right. Or, as in last Sunday, no turn at all.

So Ive got some work to do but nothing insurmountable. Ive been worse.

Todays rare trip down to my happy place had me feeling a little blue. Two days ago a 9 year old girl from IL who's family has a vacation home about two blocks south of the park got dragged out too far in her kayak tipped and is presumed drown. How terrible. She has not been found as of yet. How double terrible. I'll be thinking of her and her family as I sit on the beach every morn for quite some time.

I'm really ichin' to jump on a bike today. But won't. I feel better in the mornings and worse in the evenings. Still can't sit straight up for a long time. Spending the entire day in an office chair kills me. I brought a pillow to work yesterday.

So its a wasted weekend for me. Just putting in my time. 
Another strange Saturday for me.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Thinking. Planning.

Today as I look outside I'm not so upset about being on the inside looking out. Thats cuz the weather Gods smiled down on me and made it crappy outside. A big wave of T-storms just blew through and the radar says more to come later.
I know it may be a little selfish of me but I was going nuts watching all the riders buzz past while I could only watch and get more depressed.

So for now the playing field is a bit more even, at least for the time being. I hear the MTB race this Sunday might be a bit wet and possibly muddy too. Thats fine by me also. Since I am riding nothing but demo bikes I choose not to race or ride the bikes in mud. I still have to sell'em when Im done with them. Besides, I might have skipped this race anyway due the amount of climbing needed. Being a fat guy in a skinny guys world would put me severely behind the game right off the bat. Not a bad race to skip.

So the timing here of my accident isn't really all that bad. I hope that when the next race rolls around in a bit over two weeks that I will be ready.

As I heal up I do have one concern. My tailbone is very sore. I cant sit for a very long time. From what I hear this could last awhile. Pretty much everything else is subsiding. Swelling on hip is going down every day, purple bruise is starting to turn yellow. My hip does not really hurt much anymore. But my tailbone is getting worse still. I need a pillow to sit at my desk. Sure hope this is not going to affect me all summer long. That would suck.

Taking a good hard look at my summer plans. Everything is up in the air right now. As for racing, the only for sure thing, pending I heal, is the MTB races. I plan on doing as many as possible. At least 9 or 10.

However I might end up bailing on the entire track season. This hip\tailbone thing would need to heal 100% before I would feel comfortable with a 100% wide open standing sprint on the track bike. Thats not gonna happen in June, and July is pretty book up for me, so realistically Im looking at August if Im going to do any at all. Bummer. New bike just sitting.

Another event up in the air is my summer tour of Wisco. For sure the long route is out but I was thinking I dont need to ditch it entirely, just abbreviate it. So Im thinking its still on, which makes me smile. Maybe a three or four day ride. Most likely Door County. And maybe push this out from July to August. Also shorting this up kinda helps me make my decision as to trailer or full panniers. I have always thought trailer for the long runs but now its gonna be full panniers and I was always looking forward to try that way of life out.

So this is not as bad a situation as I make it out to be.

The quote go's something like " before it gets any better I'm headed for the cliff".

That is so me. I'm gonna lay low this weekend and hope to ride at some point next week.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just Another Day.

Its to the point that I can just use a beach pic out of my library of  daily beach pics and you would not know the difference.
But I swear this pic is this morn at 730am.

Im pretty pumped to say every morning my injury's feel better and better. I might be able to soft peddle by Monday or Tuesday. 

But that does not help me out today as the temps are already in the 70's. The lack of movement this week is driving me nuts. Im just happy to not be in the hospital and able to walk better today.

I still have not sat on the Superfly since racing it on May 31st. I'm hoping to do that as soon as Im able.

Right now my stable of bikes has grown a bit too big so Im selling the Top Fuel.  Hope it go's to a good home. That leaves the cross bike, Madone and track bike. Im kinda bummed that my track program took a hit with last Sundays escapades but that's the way it go's I guess. The cross bike will go next as I will order in a Blue Norcross sometime in September. The life of a store owner.

Thats all for now.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Healing, Depressed and Angry

Today I finally got out of the house since the accident. Im going to work to see if I can sit at my desk long enough to get paid today. I left the house very early because I knew my ride to my happy place was going to be an extended one. I have a lot to think about. First off, cut me a little slack on this morn's beach pic. I cant get out of the car myself real well so I stayed in. Might have been my longest stay here to date. Over an hour of staring.

HEALING: Im happy to report that I feel better than yesterday. That means Im officially on the mend. Half my body is still a dark purple and still swollen in places but things seem to be getting better and Im glad. Just gatta remember to lay low and not push it.

DEPRESSED: That I cant ride a bike today cuz its plenty sunny. This week is "Ride to Work" week here in DANOville and Im not able to participate as planed. My riding fitness was just coming around and is now set back. Im not sure how long I will be off the bike, let alone be able to lay down some intervals. Riding may come sooner but fast riding is way off. Hopefully back racing sometime in July. Being in bed for two days straight has me a bit crazy depressed. Going to work and the store today so I hope it all gos well. I need to get back to some normalcy soon.

ANGRY: That this happened to me. As I laid in bed I ran this thing over and over in my head. As I stared out into the lake this morn I tried to put it all together. It happened so fast that it took me some time to remember it. And I still dont remember it all. It was so easy for me to blame the car because we all know how drivers are these days. Cell phones, texting, running late. We always feel us cyclists get the shaft. Well, when you get in an altercation with a car the rider always loses. Cyclist have a lot to lose so we try to look out for ourselves AND the poor distracted motorist.
If we don't we could get killed pretty quickly.

And we all have had encounters with these people. They give us minimal room or pull out in front or just get pissed at us when we slow their progress down by 20 seconds or so.
However, Sunday was not one of those times. This was, in fact, entirely my fault. Im kinda afraid to admit it. This was a perfect situation to use to up our crappy driver complaint. It would be easy for me to point the finger at the car, no questions asked. And play the part of another cyclist who got hurt due to those damn cars.

I am very angry this happened, but I am angry at myself.

Bottom line here is I entered the street off a curb. Out of woods, between trees and brush. Tunes blasting in my ears so I didn't hear the car. And I hit him. My fault. Stupid mistake. Had I not had my iPod blasting, I would have heard the car approaching and stopped. With or without the iPod, I cant believe I rolled out into a street blind like that.
So there.
When we hear of this kind a thing our first reaction is to hang the driver on the spot, and believe me some do deserve it, but lets take a look at all the rolling stoplites we do. Cutting off on sidewalks and then back on to run around stop signs. I am guilty of all that. My urban assault skills are pretty good but it was just a matter of time before this happened to me. Im glad I was riding alone because I would not want my stupidity to ruin someone elses day. I ruined the drivers day. It took me at least five minutes to get up from the pavement and he was freaking. He thought I was dying for sure and for that I am sorry. He had young children in the car and I most likely ruined their day too. Im sorry I dented his car with my butt.
I for one am going to curb my bad urban habits. Because I am very lucky to get away with what happened to me Sunday. Im going to stop a little more at lites and signs. The iPod is gone. In place, I will play my Blackberry off its speaker and put it in my pocket, no earphones.

I hope you all kinda take it easier in the city too. This kind of thing really hurts. So please look out for yourself AND the distracted drivers.

Cuz you know their out there. I was one of them.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Very sore. Very purple. Will try to go to work tomorrow. Its times like this that one is reminded of their age. I hurt in places that never hurt before.
Just gatta lay low. No riding for me for awhile.
Bummer. Track racin' pushed out to July.
My two week tour of Wisco is probably canceled.
Life go's on. What does not kill you makes you stronger.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Not The Best Weekend.

Yesterday I got hit by a car. For real. First off, I cant post a lot about the details because I believe there will be some litigation involved. So here's the short version.
The car was in a 35mph zone so Im sure he was doing about 40. He was crossing the intersection in front of me. After a panic brake I hit the car going maybe about 10mph. I hit right behind the passenger door. It was a minivan. The dent in the pic was from my hip. Not sure how far the van threw me but I do remember seeing the roof before I came back down.
Of course I had a helmet and it took a good shot as I hit the pavement with the back of my head. The helmet was a Bell Volt and was less than a week old. Bummer. Its shot.
It was a good two minutes before I could talk and someone was calling a ambulance as they stood over me. I told him to wait as I started to assess the damages. I do this real well from back in my motocross days, starting with me feet and work up. Checking every bone and joint. Unbelievably, nothing was broke. I have strong bones. Bleeding was minimal so I called off the ambulance but the police were on their way.
Several minutes later I was up and walking. I was very lucky. This could have been way worse. Had I not panic braked Im convinced I would have been hit by the front of the car and that would not have had a good outcome. The split second braking had me hitting the car as opposed to it hitting me.
My wife came to get me and I thought the worse was over. However, about two hours later as I layed on the couch and watched bike racing my hip swelled to enormous proportion's. I could not even walk. Still cant. Its like cutting a basketball in half and holding it up to your hip and butt. I just didn't think to put ice on it right away. However I insist it is not broken. The bone feels fine.
This morning after about six hours of ice thru the nite its still huge but does not hurt as much. But I cant put any pants on cuz my butt is so big. And if I told you how purple that side of my body is you would not believe me. As one point last nite about 1030 I almost went in to the ER as the swelling was pulling my skin so tight it hurt like hell.
The bike? Thankly I was riding my cross bike (what else) and not the Madone. Just the front wheel took a shot and will be inexpensive to replace.
So here I am. No riding for awhile. Which sucks as I was just starting to get some racing form. Also, I have read some of the comments on my Facebook update and as I cant comment who was at fault. I can say the driver only had my best interests at the scene and did not care about the damage to his car. I guess its up to a few lawyers and insurance companies now. Hope I can stay out of it since there was a accident report files. But thats just wish full thinking.
My wife was going to take a pic of my butt last nite. I didnt let her. It wasn't pretty.
At least it wasn't last nite anyway......


Friday, June 4, 2010


This morns pic taken courtesy of my Blackberry.

With my long day in Chicago yesterday I was going to take a bit of an 
extended bike ride this morn before work but damp conditions pulled me back to the office. I was going to take my new Superfly 29'er into the woods to really get a feel of the big wheels as the race Sunday was not a real measure of how the bike handles in the woods.
I will ride it this weekend at some point for sure.
Other than that I have no plans.
Before you head into the weekend I think you need to see this.
I love a good controversy. When I saw those attacks he laid down they sure did not look human.
Have a good weekend.


Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today, as in last Thursday, I am in Chicago for work. I used to work here quite a bit several years ago but not so much of late. I'm not real fond of a big city but its been so long since I had a road trip for work I kinda like it.
Last nite I attended the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Group Ride. I was in the game all nite and never got dropped and Im sure it was a bit tamer than usual. But I did survive the 30mph pace line in its entirety and that gives me hope that my fitness is improving. I felt good on the bike last nite and also last Sunday on the MTB. Both zone 5 efforts for me.
Now if I can drop a few pounds I should be OK. I need to lose a solid 10 before I hit the track in Tuesday nites. I hope thats not too far away cuz I'm itching to race the Blue track bike.

Bring it on.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Hope I Never Get Fast.

This morn's lake pic almost didn't happen. Kinda dreary and cloudy with a bit of sprinkles in the air. However as I sat and stared out at the lake as I usually do the sun broke out less than a minute and I got it as it reflected off the water.

I was thinking about a customer I have at the store who is very unhappy with his MTB racing results this year. The guy is super fast and super dedicated to going fast. But he is racing a super fast category and is in a super fast age group and his resulting numbers are not as high as he expected and he is beating himself up for it. Even tho he can beat 95% of anyone I know.
Its just strange to me how something like that can make someone turn sour. But thats because I am not fast on a MTB.

Then I was thinking how lucky I am not to be that fast. Because once you reach the limits of yourself  theres no where else to go but down. And I so do understand the theory. It happens to pro riders all the time.  About 15 years ago I raced cars. I never did it for a living but I did move up to a national series after racing local for 10 years. On a professional level, I got my ass kicked (by the likes of Tony Stewart and Kasy Kahne no less). But when it was time to give up the pro circuit I could not go back to the local scene as it was a step down so I just quit. My last race was Nov 3rd, 1998 at Las Vegas Speedway, it was on live TV and since then I have not even attended another race to even spectate. It was cold turkey.

I hope I dont get fast on a bike cuz I would never want that to happen to me with cycling. I am so very happy to finish mid pack in my age group in the Citizen category. I would not mind getting a little faster but not too fast.

Cuz I have a blast racin' my MTB.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catch up with Stuff.

MONDAY: Had a great ride with Steve M and friends. A little over two hours and 40 miles on the Madone. A shout out to Brenda S. for riding along (and doing a century last week) while 8 months preggers. Unreal.
Spent the rest of the day on the couch. Eating too much.

SUNDAY: I had reservations about driving up to Wausau WORS by myself. That would mean about 5 hours of drive time to one hour race time. Not the best situation but I'm glad I did. I was rockin' the new Superfly 100 29'er. This was my first experience with the bigger wheels and I must say, for this course was the way to go. In fact the bigger hoops were such a great match for the two lane fire roads that I must reserve my opinion of this phenomenon until I hit a another course. But this day I had the best race of the year. And I was pumped to finish 7th out of 17 in my age group. Since ditching the Clyde class and racing with the skinny guys I was thinking I was going to get destroyed but Im pleasantly surprised to finish mid pack with a group of guys that have to average at least 80 pounds less than me. Im kinda pumped that I now have a goal and look forward to working my way up the scale as I lose weight.

SATURDAY: I think I posted Saturday so I have nothing to say about that.