Monday, May 17, 2010


I would call the weekend a success. Up to Rhinelander,WI for the WORS race with a side trip up to my favorite state park. First off for the wife and I was Peninsula State Park in Fish Creek. I love it in Door County. The riding is awesome. We rode Friday afternoon and again Saturday morn before we left to head further north to race. But before we left we attended a fish boil on Friday nite. This is more an event than a dinner. I believe it needs no explanation besides the pic. You watch'em cook it. Then eat it. This go's on every weekend up here. Then it was up nort' to race on Sunday. I had a good race. I decided to ditch the Clydesdale class and race in my age group straight up. Thinkin' that racing with the skinny guys would give me some incentive. So I took 6 out of 9. Right about where I thought I would be. So....starting near the bottom hopefully will help me motivate. I need help in that respect.
So fun was had by all. Its nice to escape a while and recharge.



Big Oak said...

I love the smell of the diesel fuel/gasoline mixture they toss on the fire. We are heading to Door County again for Labor Day weekend.

Congratulations on the race. The important thing is to simply participate. I'm sure you'll find the motivation to move up.

D A N O said...

Bring your bike to DC right?