Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weekend Update

Just winding down from the weekend. Todays ride to my happy place was a good one as it is sunny and warm. I could spend hours upon hours here on days like this. Alas I had to leave and go to work but I left with a smile on my face. Not before taking another beach\coffee pic. That makes about 100 now.
So..... yeah, I raced Sunday. Its been at least four years since I did Iola and I was quickly reminded why. I totally forgot about the huge amount of climbing (for a fat guy) the course has. And all in the first half of the lap. My race for the podium was over about one minute in. After that it was just survival. After all the climbing I would do my best to recover and start picking off the bikes one by one in the single and double track. Only to have the 10 or so bikes I just passed climb right past me so I could do it again. If it was not for the awesome single in the woods I would not have had as much fun but after the hills I just love the rest of the course. I had to walk a climb twice during the race due to just running out of steam. I hate that and usually pick races that I can ride without unclipping. 
I'm glad I went and will be at the next for sure as that course fits me way better.

The warm weather has followed us into the work week and even tho I was off the bike yesterday, spending some down time getting yard work done, I plan on getting a road ride in today. Nice easy spin.


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