Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things I Cant Live Without. (part one)

LAKE MICHIGAN: Lived on or near the shores my entire life.Its a morning vista a lot of people in Danoville take for granted. You see it everyday since birth and it disappears. Not to me. As most of you know I start out each day with a visit and when its warn and the sun is bouncing off the water I still stop and stare after living here for 50 years. 

DISC BRAKES: In my early years of MTB racing I packed up the motorhome and made a weekend out of each race. Always there on Saturday to preride the course. I would study it (meaning I would pick the hills that I would need to walk up) so I knew what was always coming up. Now that my life has gotten a bit busy, I can mostly only do a one day scenarios and that means racing without any preride. Back in the old days this would be unconscionable. But today racing an unknown course is mainstay for me. You try to look as far ahead as you can or try to follow the wheel in front of you but when your zone 5 and racing hard panic stops are in the double digits per lap. And being the big sturdy sprinter type of rider I sure am glad to have a great set of working disc brakes. They give me just a little bit more courage.

COFFEE: Strangely I did not drink coffee until I started riding bikes. Whats up with that? And late in life too. I waited about 42 years to start drinking the stuff. It was peer pressure. Everyone would drink it before group rides or race mornings. I hated the stuff. But as time went on I thought it was just one of things we (as cyclists) do, like shaving our legs, so I wanted to fit in. I started drinking it with about 50% cream. Just to wash down the awful taste. But as time (years) passed, the cream went away and now its black only. About four cups a day. Like any drug addiction its almost needed. If I miss a day I know it. If I miss two days I get huge headaches. I cant say what happens if I miss three days. Its never happened. But I think I explode or something.

I'll think of some more later.


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