Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I so do not like spring in Wisco. 
Summers are easy here, fall is spectacular, winter is a boat load of fun.
But spring here is the worst. Still raining since I cant remember when. Two weeks ago it was 65 degrees and sunny. 
So many leave this State in winter, only to return to this crap. If I could, I would leave in April\May and come back in June.
The lack of riding for me in the last week and a half is nuts. Last Wednesday Nite Worlds social ride was winded out, today will be rain and colded out. I cant remember the last time I rode my Madone. Last time I was on my MTB was Iola almost 2 weeks ago. No way will the woods be rideable before the weekend. 

Every day when I leave the house I pack a riding bag chocked full of riding clothes. Sometimes two changes. Since I have no idea on what weather we may have that bag is huge. Two full kits, arm warmers, knee warmers, 2 pair of cold temp gloves, one pair of warn temp gloves, tights, two types of windbreakers, a vest, one long sleeve jersey and one long sleeve layer. Winter boots, summer shoes and two pair of socks. Hats, dew rags, head band and ear warmers.
When I actually do get to ride I take it all home, exchange clean for dirty, take complete inventory, re pack and put back in my car. As it gets warmer the bag gets smaller.

I can't wait till my bag gets small.


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Big Oak said...

Hang in there, Dano, warmer weather is on the way (maybe less wind too, but not sure about that yet).