Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Rain? What?

Saw these guys as I got to the store today. For real.

Once again its gloomy and rain has been steady for several days. Its been well over a week since I saw the sun. But then again the weather is old news.
However, as if on cue, the clouds lifted around mid afternoon yesterday and the roads dried. That timing was perfect for the Wednesday Nite Worlds Social Ride which I attended but really was not there.
My fitness, what little I manged to build, is completely gone.
Whats worse than getting dropped twice on a social group ride? Getting dropped three times and getting butt pushed up two hills.
How degrading.

But its early still and Im sure with a few hours on the bike I will be able to hang much better soon. I hate not being able to hang but I dont hate it enough to ride in the rain and cold for days straight. 
I wait that stuff out.
So, thats what Im doing now. Waiting for the sun to shine once again.
I hear by the weekend. And thats a good thing as I'll be riding and racing in Northern Wisco from Friday to Monday. Team car is packed.
I am so outta here...


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Anonymous said...

It looks like we should start a B team on wed. night. Gene