Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Its a beautiful day... so now what?

When the morning is as gorgeous as this I so look forward to my happy place. Ive done this over a hundred times and it never gets old. And I think about how cool it is to start each day with a trip to a sunny beach. But this timeout in my life serves several functions. As in today. Its just so nice out that of course I am going to ride my bike. But which bike? I have a Madone for the road, then theres the cross bike that I love and the Top Fuel for a faster ride in the woods. And my track bike is done also (pics soon).
Its during this time that my mind sorts out the factors needed to make a decision as to what hardware I sit on. I take in all outside issues first. Temp, wind and sun. Then I scan my brain to see what mood I'm in. Sad, happy, exited or mellow.
But to really decide I need to clear my mind of all distractions. Just let it go blank and in time it will come to me. Let my sub conscious speak its mind. I stare at the water and wait. It takes a while but never more than 10 minutes. I consume most of my coffee during this time period. 
And then it hits me like a two ton heavy thing.

Time to hit the road.


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