Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday and Forgotten Race Report

First off I forgot to report on the Wednesday nite Worlds social group ride. If you remember last week we had Radio Shack\Mello Johnnys show up with a few riders to take it all. Last Wednesday it was Garmin\Transitions thats showed and indeed they sent Zabriskie because they heard from Lance some guy rides a full blown TT bike in the peloton and DZ does that all the time.

In fact DZ rides a full blown TT bike when he go's to the grocery store, runs for the paper and takes his dog for a walk(run). It was an easy choice for the G\T managers.

However, the sustained 30 mph winds with gusts in excess of 45 mph put the kabosh on "briskies" TT bike as it had a full rear dish and 90cm fairings on the front wheel.
So the bus did show in Danoville, only to stop at the Hardee's over by the interstate for about an hour, and then left town. No showdown with the locals will take place today.
I have yet to receive any correspondence from any team planning on next Wednesday but its early. I suspect a flurry of Pro teams in the near future as they all are hitting the States for the TOC. 
No doubt a stop at the Wednesday nite Worlds social ride is on there minds.....

Its a pretty gloomy Friday here. Incredibly, I skipped my early morning ride to my happy place. Just did not want to do it in the rain although I have a million times. Just not today. The weekend weather looks like crap and its such a downer to sit here on a Friday morn and not be pumped about the weekend. But I'm not. When the weather looks crappy I schedule myself in the store. I work rainy Saturdays only. Hopefully Sunday will take a turn for the better. Time will tell.


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