Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love all aspects of riding a bike but none more than being in the woods. I just feel better there. I think clearer. When I'm in the woods I love to just stop and listen. No man made noises to be heard. Sometimes when riding alone in the woods I stop and sit for almost an hour. Listening to nothing. Time seems to be nonexistent.

While most times I am struggling when I'm alone too long, this scenario is not one of those times. I really enjoy spending time with myself in the woods. My senses peak. My sight and hearing seem to double in sensitivity. It pretty much feels like home to me then.

So by far the best rides for me are the ones that include the woods. Its where I started my cycling hobby back in 2001. 
And its always a pleasure to return to my cycling roots anytime!


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Brittany said...

I like to woods too! :-)