Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday Worlds.

As I visit my happy place every morn I think about what I need to get done today. Between work, store and personal. This morn I once again deem it too much for one man to do in one day. Then.... I step outside the car and the near 70 degree temps (at 8am!) and sun hit me like a two ton heavy thing and all those chores go right out the window and my brain immediately starts screaming bike ride.
When and where?
Last nites group ride was pretty good for me for April. About 15 bikes.  I was in the game for 1 hour 35 min in a 2 hour ride. Thats acceptable for me at this stage. As I mentioned prior, our group is pretty fast. I would have to say its the fastest group in the county. So for a guy like me to hang that long is acceptable. 
For me to do so I have to watch all the breaks like a hawk. I have to predict. I have to play tactics. I need to position myself behind the correct rider, and know when to go and when to hold. For real. If I make a bad call and end up 20 feet behind the peloton it is all over.
Last nite was no exception.
I played the game perfectly. At least up to a point. At the 34 mile mark I made the mistake of going with the first break during a fast rolling 2 mile stretch. And the first break was just too fast for me so I hit the wall and had to pull the plug.  At the same time the rest of the group came flying past and I was in no shape to tag. By the time I recovered enough to keep up they were 50 yards up.  I solo's between 21 and 23 mph for as long as I could but just watched then roll away. My rule is I try until I cant see them anymore, then quit.
My mistake there was rolling with the first break when I should have waited and tagged the second. But I went first, blew up and when the second group rolled by, the one I should have been waiting for, I was up in the top end of zone 5 and cooked.
Game over.
I rolled  the half hour alone and when I reached the lot most everyone had already changed and left. But it was a good ride for me and had I not made that one mistake would have been in a lot longer for sure.
Live and learn. Next week.


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