Friday, April 9, 2010

Sun is Out.

Its always nice to see the sun in the morn.  Just makes my day so much easier to start.  I need just a little less coffee on mornings like this. Today I start my day in the store. As I mentioned many times before I am torn between my day job and going full time here. I almost did make the plunge twice, only to abort seconds before it happened. But once again the urge to ditch most of lifes responsibility and become a complete bike bum is eating at me 24 hours. Sure, it will happen someday but for now there is a balance of employer\employee that would be broken if I throw my ass into the mix. So my concern is not just of what would happen to me as much as what would happen to them. So for now things stay the same. 
For now.

Even tho the temps are a bit chilly the sun begs me to ride my bike and I will accommodate. Planning on jumping on the cross bike for a turn to our local park. 15 miles or road and an hour in the woods.
I cant think of a better way to ride a bike right now. Cross bikes rule. The world.

After the store closes Saturday I am going to hop in my already packed up car and head north for a few days to try and acquire some stress relief. Not sure where I'm going but thats the way I like it. I'll decide that at the time. I invited my entire family to join and told them that whoever is in the hallway and packed at the time can go. If its nobody, I go solo....


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