Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays.

Once again I find extra time I never had before as the Saturday group rides get rained out. Its almost like daylites savings in the Fall. You get time back you never had before. I got up and just paced around the house as I have never been home at that exact time before. After a few minutes I decided to make some good happen with this new found timeslot. So I went to the store and started gluing up my track wheels.
This is a three step procedure than takes skill, luck and determination. Sometimes it gets rough. Tears get shed. You swear like a sailer.
But once they are rolled on its the best feeling of accomplishment one can have. You are absolutely beaming the rest of the day. I hope thats in my future.

I can beam pretty good. And that would be a good thing for a rainy day. RIP Karen.


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