Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No pic

Today my morning ride was a bit different. Sometimes things happen that you have no control over and it affects your life in a huge way. It forces you to make changes that you dont want to make.
This morn the beach was extremely Serene. Sun is out. Lake is calm. But I didn't take any pics because sometimes too much of a good thing is bad. I've had a lot of good thing happen in my life. Too many to count. Ive lived more life before I was 40 than most people in there entire life and for that I am thank full.
But sometimes I milk a good thing way too long and it turns out to bite me in the ass.

One of the reasons I wanted to dump the blog is that I tend to say what I feel at the time. Here is no exception. So when Im bummed out I feel I must type it out a little and no one wants to hear of your trials and tribulations.

So I'll just close by saying today is going to be a tough day for me. A bike ride will be needed by late afternoon. I have not sat on a bike since last Thursday and I am assuming the new found lack of ride time will affect my race Sunday, not that my results matter to me.
I don't need no stinking results.
As much as I love to ride the MTB its gonna be the Madone today and tomorrow.
I will figure out the MTB thing on Sunday.....



Snacks said...

Life isn't all sunshine. I think the people who matter don't mind a bleak post every once in a while.

D A N O said...

Thx Katy.