Sunday, April 18, 2010


Its Sunday morn and I never post on Sunday morn. But today I'm in the store bright and early to finally grab my MTB and hit the trails for real. With the first WORS race in two weeks there is no way Im gonna be ready but I will try to at least not look completely out of it.
As I rolled the Top Fuel 9.8 out of the store I looked up and saw my old Sledgehammer frame. Its broke and I have it hanging from the ceiling at the store. I really miss that bike. Racing it was a blast and I always got positive comments from those who knew what it was all about. You know.... all the cool people.
Kids would yell at me from the street when it was up on my roof (of the car).
This bike died an awful death on the Greenbush trails. You can see the cracked frame between the main rear suspension pivot and the front derailer clamp. It broke real good.
Really, this bike is still alive as 99% of the parts went on a new frame but its just not the same and I didn't like riding that bike anymore. Its hidden away in the basement somewhere.

So as I ride ride my high falutin' carbon fiber racin' bike in the woods today Im goona pretend its my ole Sledgehammer. And I will smile.

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