Monday, April 26, 2010

Mon Sun

I always considered myself a pretty creative guy but I am running out of ways to pose my coffee down by my happy place on the beach. And maybe thats getting a bit old now anyway. 
Tubular tire update: denied! I did not get the results I was looking for Saturday. Will try again today after stretching them out a bit over the weekend. Wish me luck.
With the rainout we experienced this weekend my riding was non existent. Last time on a bike was Thursday. But this morn we woke to nothing but sun. And while hooky was on my mind the second I looked out the window I just have too much to do at work today. No riding available to me until its all done. Most likely around 4pm. Im thinking road but wanna do MTB as the first race looms just 6 days away. Maybe I'll go halfsy's and ride the cross bike. 
Like I would have to even ask myself.
Cross bike it is.


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