Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mid Week Thoughts

This mornings ride to my happy place was just OK. Notice the trees to right of todays beach\coffee pic. Those are the trees that the eagles were perched on when I took this pic last year. It was published in the local paper.

Todays thoughts are two fold. First, I believe I better stop riding my road\cross bike so much and get crackin' on the MTB. I really have only one good ride on it so far and I could not believe how weird it felt the first time. I felt like I was riding 10 feet up. The difference in the geometry just screws you up for a bit and you feel so awkward after 5 months off one of those things. After an hour I felt better tho. But more time is needed\wanted before the looming first race of the summer. In fact, I am going to ditch the Wednesday Worlds group ride tonite and opt for some time in the woods.

The second reason for opting out of the ride is my ongoing fight with my weight. There are many ways to lose weight. Not all methods work for everybody. I have found that the only way I can drop pounds is by starving and concentrating on increasing metabolism. Simple math says you just need to burn more than you take in. But I'm convinced my "burner" isn't normal and needs some help. I need to take limited intake to an extreme. And that means riding on a completely empty fuel source and that means I don't ride with my "A" game and that means I cant keep up and that means I get dropped much sooner.

So while I'm in this mode its gonna be tough sledding for me in the group. It means not eating and basically riding solo where I can control my efforts. This method does work for me and when I get serious I do lose weight. So today after work I will be honing my skills in the woods and losing weight.

And I will be hungry.



Anonymous said...

Being one who is also metabolically challenged, I can tell you that starvation is not the way.
Your body will store more food if it thinks it will not get any for a long time.
The key is to eat right away in the morning to get you metabolism going.
Then eat small amounts every few hours.
Exersise is of course paramount.
Change your eating patterns but don't starve yourself!

D A N O said...

I do. I eat a little in the morn, little in the aft, then I hope for the best when I get home after a ride......

CTB said...

Whoever Anonymous is - they be right. Eat solid in the AM, and then 6-7 times a day in small increments. Don't starve Dano, it's the opposite of increasing your metabolic rate.

Angie said...

And make sure you include protein in that AM meal. Can't just wolf down a bunch of carbs, it spikes your blood sugar and makes you all that much more hungry later in the day.

D A N O said...

Yup, morning meal is oatmeal and yogurt.