Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Never really like the word "humpday". At least not in this context. Tonite is the Wednesday group ride and I should be there barring any fires at the store. This ride is always a little hard for me as its the weekly hammer ride. I get dropped at least three times but its early spring and the group still waits. That will go away as it gets warmer.
The group I ride in is a tough one to crack. So many people have tried only to get their legs ripped off (right Wally?) and never to return. We sometimes wonder why other don't join us. We talk about that over a beer afterwards. Maybe its because not everyone wants so suffer like dogs when they ride. The last Wednesday ride I did was 1 hour 50 min long. I spent 38 minutes in zone 5. That hurts.
But Im gonna give it another shot tonite.
Also yesterday I got reminded of why I wanted to end this blog a few weeks ago. Some people just read my thoughts the wrong way. 
And I want to try out this page break thingie so..........

I got called out for ending it, then starting it up again. I agree, that might have been a "emo" move on my part but the fact is I really like doing it, but hate getting all serious like Im doing here. Its just a blog. I have fun with it. I sometimes stretch the truth. I sometimes don't tell the entire story. You really cant judge what direction my life is going by what you read here. Really, I just like sunny weather and riding bikes.
Thats all.
Like theres more to life than that.......


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