Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game Back On.

I guess its back to game on. I couldn't make it two weeks without posting. I really think that means I dont have a life. I say "whatev". I guess its fun to post when you have something to say, and is a bummer to post when you dont. I always felt that if I was doing this blog I should do it right (nothing in moderation). And I misjudged the therapy it gave me to blog what I was thinking even if it gets me in trouble. Like I never have been in trouble before..... so......
Today as I drove to my happy place I could not help noticing that it was snowing. Pretty hard I believe. I must admit that even tho I love the State of Wisco in the summer and fall and the winter, I despise it in spring. All four months of it. Less than a week ago I was riding in shorts and short sleeves. Today its 29 degrees and snowing. This transition between winter and summer is the worst. No snow to ski, too cold and wet to ride. I guess thats why theres a bowling ally every 3 blocks in Danoville. Now is the time to head south a bit. I think of that every spring. A couple I know spent some major time in AZ last month. I say bad timing. They missed all the good skiing and cool frozen beach rides. They miss what makes winter in Wisco good. Now they return to what makes Wisco bad. Cold, windy, rainy, snowy. And thats just before noon.
Time to hibernate a few days.


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Big Oak said...

I thought you might be back. Just don't post when you don't feel like posting, heck I don't. If you switch to another blog site, be sure to put your address on your last post.

Good to have you back.