Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I guess I should show off my Madone. Its OK I guess. I know, its an awesome bike but now that I own a store, its hard to get pumped about a new bike. Here's why.....
When you love bikes as much as I do (and Im sure most of you do) its hard to get exited about a bike that you dont really own. As most of you all do now, I get very attached to my bikes. Give them names. The first day you bring a new bike home is an awesome feeling that I will never feel again.  Now its so impersonal. I ride the bike then put it back on the floor when Im done. This Madone gets hung in the window when Im not riding it. Even tho I keep the bikes I ride to a minimum, they are always for sale and I need to be able to part company with them at a drop of a hat. So I cant get too attached to them. Right now I have this Madone, a TopFuel 9.8 and a XO1 cross bike that I ride that the store owns and are for sale.
But I do still own a few bikes. I still have the Sledgehammer even tho its broke and in pieces. And of course there's the ever changing Pinkie. I smile every time I ride Pinkie. Its been a cross racing bike, my tour bike, a singlespeed and now its my winter bike. I will never sell it for any money and thats the truth. Sure, I'll be cycling thru a ton of new and cool bikes in the future, but my favorite will always be Pinkie.
 Cuz its my bike and nobody else's.


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angie said...

ohhhh-aghhhhhhh. love it!