Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday Worlds(as posted in Velonews)

  • Race ReportWednesday Worlds 4\28
by Dan DittrichApril 28, 2010
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Levi Leipheimer scored an early season victory in Sheboygans Wednesday Worlds “social” group ride. In fact he lead from start to finish and was never actually seen by the peloton or any of the breaks. As the group rolled out of town with the race status as “neutral” for the high level of traffic, it seems he received orders over the radio from Mellow Johnny’s leader Lance Armstrong to attack thru the streets of DANOville even tho the peloton was rolling as neutral. When the peloton reached the edge of town the neutral status was lifted and the race was on. With Leipheimer already at a 14 minute advantage it was a race for second. Brian Kryanik(geargrinder) set the early pace as he was riding a full blown TT bike. Followed closely by Steve Manthey(geargrider) and Jim Hollister(geargrinder).
The peloton  stretched early and the break was setting a blistering pace. High winds hampered the chase as the time gap grew to over two minutes. Chase group #1 included Dave Nagode(geargrinder) and Steve Diers(geargrinder). Following close were New guy on a Litespeed(geargrinder), Mark Duff(geargrinder) and Kevin Gassner(greargrinder).

Dropped around the 52 minute mark was Gene Hoffteazer(geargrinder) and Dan Dittrich(Sheboygan Bicycle Company). Those two would never find the peloton again and finished together, hitting the lot about the time the peloton was eating pizza and drinking beer at the local pizza joint.

It was a field sprint for second and due to excellent planning by the teams managers the chase caught the break with 3km to go. But really the finish order would be decided on Mt Dairy Queen, the full blown 15 degree climb that’s almost a block long.  5 riders reached the top intact and it was game on with 1km to go to the parking lot.
Brian Kryanik(geargrinder) opted out of the sprint due to the fact he was riding a full blown TT bike and had no handlebars. Ultimately it was Dave Nagode(geargrinder) to the first, followed by Diers(geargrinder) and New guy on a Litespeed(geargrinder)

Leipheimer leads
Leipheimer, racing for the ad hoc Mellow Johnny’s team, did cross the line in first, well ahead of the field. The field sprint crossed the line in one hour 44 minutes. Leipheimers winning time of 56 minutes proved to be too much for the locals. After the social ride, we asked Armstrong about his tactics to send Liephimer out during the neutral roll, “Are you kidding me?" said Armstrong," There was a guy riding a full blown TT bike! And besides, were getting our ass’s kicked in Europe”.

Next weeks Wednesday Worlds may feature a new route as last place finisher Dan Dittrich(Sheboygan Bicycle Company) said he wont do it if we gatta climb Mt Dairy Queen every week. Although rumor has it that SBC has since acquired the services of Tom Boonen. “I met him at a party last month” Dittrich said’” it appears he races for beer and other assorted party favors.” Dittrich said he had a firm commitment from Boonen if he set up a quarter barrel of Gunniss after the social ride. However no contract has been signed as of press time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I guess I should show off my Madone. Its OK I guess. I know, its an awesome bike but now that I own a store, its hard to get pumped about a new bike. Here's why.....
When you love bikes as much as I do (and Im sure most of you do) its hard to get exited about a bike that you dont really own. As most of you all do now, I get very attached to my bikes. Give them names. The first day you bring a new bike home is an awesome feeling that I will never feel again.  Now its so impersonal. I ride the bike then put it back on the floor when Im done. This Madone gets hung in the window when Im not riding it. Even tho I keep the bikes I ride to a minimum, they are always for sale and I need to be able to part company with them at a drop of a hat. So I cant get too attached to them. Right now I have this Madone, a TopFuel 9.8 and a XO1 cross bike that I ride that the store owns and are for sale.
But I do still own a few bikes. I still have the Sledgehammer even tho its broke and in pieces. And of course there's the ever changing Pinkie. I smile every time I ride Pinkie. Its been a cross racing bike, my tour bike, a singlespeed and now its my winter bike. I will never sell it for any money and thats the truth. Sure, I'll be cycling thru a ton of new and cool bikes in the future, but my favorite will always be Pinkie.
 Cuz its my bike and nobody else's.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No pic

Today my morning ride was a bit different. Sometimes things happen that you have no control over and it affects your life in a huge way. It forces you to make changes that you dont want to make.
This morn the beach was extremely Serene. Sun is out. Lake is calm. But I didn't take any pics because sometimes too much of a good thing is bad. I've had a lot of good thing happen in my life. Too many to count. Ive lived more life before I was 40 than most people in there entire life and for that I am thank full.
But sometimes I milk a good thing way too long and it turns out to bite me in the ass.

One of the reasons I wanted to dump the blog is that I tend to say what I feel at the time. Here is no exception. So when Im bummed out I feel I must type it out a little and no one wants to hear of your trials and tribulations.

So I'll just close by saying today is going to be a tough day for me. A bike ride will be needed by late afternoon. I have not sat on a bike since last Thursday and I am assuming the new found lack of ride time will affect my race Sunday, not that my results matter to me.
I don't need no stinking results.
As much as I love to ride the MTB its gonna be the Madone today and tomorrow.
I will figure out the MTB thing on Sunday.....


Monday, April 26, 2010

Mon Sun

I always considered myself a pretty creative guy but I am running out of ways to pose my coffee down by my happy place on the beach. And maybe thats getting a bit old now anyway. 
Tubular tire update: denied! I did not get the results I was looking for Saturday. Will try again today after stretching them out a bit over the weekend. Wish me luck.
With the rainout we experienced this weekend my riding was non existent. Last time on a bike was Thursday. But this morn we woke to nothing but sun. And while hooky was on my mind the second I looked out the window I just have too much to do at work today. No riding available to me until its all done. Most likely around 4pm. Im thinking road but wanna do MTB as the first race looms just 6 days away. Maybe I'll go halfsy's and ride the cross bike. 
Like I would have to even ask myself.
Cross bike it is.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays.

Once again I find extra time I never had before as the Saturday group rides get rained out. Its almost like daylites savings in the Fall. You get time back you never had before. I got up and just paced around the house as I have never been home at that exact time before. After a few minutes I decided to make some good happen with this new found timeslot. So I went to the store and started gluing up my track wheels.
This is a three step procedure than takes skill, luck and determination. Sometimes it gets rough. Tears get shed. You swear like a sailer.
But once they are rolled on its the best feeling of accomplishment one can have. You are absolutely beaming the rest of the day. I hope thats in my future.

I can beam pretty good. And that would be a good thing for a rainy day. RIP Karen.


Friday, April 23, 2010

The Plan 2010

It was in 2008 that I took my state wide bike trip. Self supported. 15 days and 900 miles of rolling Wisco woods. This week I have made the decision to once again ramble the north woods on two wheels in 2010. Mid July. Route to be determined on a later date. Right now Im planning out a bike build. Looking at a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Also, I am not going to be pulling a Burley trailer. Its going to be 4 panniers this time. 
Just finished my Madone....  (pics to come)
Working on my track bike now.....(pics to come)
Then I will start building the tour bike.
I like building bikes. Especially ones that I can ride.
Have a great weekend.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


I love all aspects of riding a bike but none more than being in the woods. I just feel better there. I think clearer. When I'm in the woods I love to just stop and listen. No man made noises to be heard. Sometimes when riding alone in the woods I stop and sit for almost an hour. Listening to nothing. Time seems to be nonexistent.

While most times I am struggling when I'm alone too long, this scenario is not one of those times. I really enjoy spending time with myself in the woods. My senses peak. My sight and hearing seem to double in sensitivity. It pretty much feels like home to me then.

So by far the best rides for me are the ones that include the woods. Its where I started my cycling hobby back in 2001. 
And its always a pleasure to return to my cycling roots anytime!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mid Week Thoughts

This mornings ride to my happy place was just OK. Notice the trees to right of todays beach\coffee pic. Those are the trees that the eagles were perched on when I took this pic last year. It was published in the local paper.

Todays thoughts are two fold. First, I believe I better stop riding my road\cross bike so much and get crackin' on the MTB. I really have only one good ride on it so far and I could not believe how weird it felt the first time. I felt like I was riding 10 feet up. The difference in the geometry just screws you up for a bit and you feel so awkward after 5 months off one of those things. After an hour I felt better tho. But more time is needed\wanted before the looming first race of the summer. In fact, I am going to ditch the Wednesday Worlds group ride tonite and opt for some time in the woods.

The second reason for opting out of the ride is my ongoing fight with my weight. There are many ways to lose weight. Not all methods work for everybody. I have found that the only way I can drop pounds is by starving and concentrating on increasing metabolism. Simple math says you just need to burn more than you take in. But I'm convinced my "burner" isn't normal and needs some help. I need to take limited intake to an extreme. And that means riding on a completely empty fuel source and that means I don't ride with my "A" game and that means I cant keep up and that means I get dropped much sooner.

So while I'm in this mode its gonna be tough sledding for me in the group. It means not eating and basically riding solo where I can control my efforts. This method does work for me and when I get serious I do lose weight. So today after work I will be honing my skills in the woods and losing weight.

And I will be hungry.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Its Sunday morn and I never post on Sunday morn. But today I'm in the store bright and early to finally grab my MTB and hit the trails for real. With the first WORS race in two weeks there is no way Im gonna be ready but I will try to at least not look completely out of it.
As I rolled the Top Fuel 9.8 out of the store I looked up and saw my old Sledgehammer frame. Its broke and I have it hanging from the ceiling at the store. I really miss that bike. Racing it was a blast and I always got positive comments from those who knew what it was all about. You know.... all the cool people.
Kids would yell at me from the street when it was up on my roof (of the car).
This bike died an awful death on the Greenbush trails. You can see the cracked frame between the main rear suspension pivot and the front derailer clamp. It broke real good.
Really, this bike is still alive as 99% of the parts went on a new frame but its just not the same and I didn't like riding that bike anymore. Its hidden away in the basement somewhere.

So as I ride ride my high falutin' carbon fiber racin' bike in the woods today Im goona pretend its my ole Sledgehammer. And I will smile.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cross Bikes

Thursdays ride was one of my fav's. I have a perfectly good Madone sitting in the store but I just can't stop riding my cross bike. The route I use is the best. From the store its about 5 miles of pavement along Lake Michigan to the woods. About an hour running loops and then the 5 miles back. Its almost a two hour ride and I love it. I have said this a hundred times but a cross bike is just about the most fun you can have on two wheels. If fact, I did it twice, once in the morn and once late afternoon.  The trail are in near perfect shape. No overgrown weeds and no dust. 
Weekend should contain a good portion of riding. I really should get the MTB out of the window at the store and start riding that since the first race is but 2 weeks off.
I think I still have some time.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wednesday Worlds.

As I visit my happy place every morn I think about what I need to get done today. Between work, store and personal. This morn I once again deem it too much for one man to do in one day. Then.... I step outside the car and the near 70 degree temps (at 8am!) and sun hit me like a two ton heavy thing and all those chores go right out the window and my brain immediately starts screaming bike ride.
When and where?
Last nites group ride was pretty good for me for April. About 15 bikes.  I was in the game for 1 hour 35 min in a 2 hour ride. Thats acceptable for me at this stage. As I mentioned prior, our group is pretty fast. I would have to say its the fastest group in the county. So for a guy like me to hang that long is acceptable. 
For me to do so I have to watch all the breaks like a hawk. I have to predict. I have to play tactics. I need to position myself behind the correct rider, and know when to go and when to hold. For real. If I make a bad call and end up 20 feet behind the peloton it is all over.
Last nite was no exception.
I played the game perfectly. At least up to a point. At the 34 mile mark I made the mistake of going with the first break during a fast rolling 2 mile stretch. And the first break was just too fast for me so I hit the wall and had to pull the plug.  At the same time the rest of the group came flying past and I was in no shape to tag. By the time I recovered enough to keep up they were 50 yards up.  I solo's between 21 and 23 mph for as long as I could but just watched then roll away. My rule is I try until I cant see them anymore, then quit.
My mistake there was rolling with the first break when I should have waited and tagged the second. But I went first, blew up and when the second group rolled by, the one I should have been waiting for, I was up in the top end of zone 5 and cooked.
Game over.
I rolled  the half hour alone and when I reached the lot most everyone had already changed and left. But it was a good ride for me and had I not made that one mistake would have been in a lot longer for sure.
Live and learn. Next week.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Never really like the word "humpday". At least not in this context. Tonite is the Wednesday group ride and I should be there barring any fires at the store. This ride is always a little hard for me as its the weekly hammer ride. I get dropped at least three times but its early spring and the group still waits. That will go away as it gets warmer.
The group I ride in is a tough one to crack. So many people have tried only to get their legs ripped off (right Wally?) and never to return. We sometimes wonder why other don't join us. We talk about that over a beer afterwards. Maybe its because not everyone wants so suffer like dogs when they ride. The last Wednesday ride I did was 1 hour 50 min long. I spent 38 minutes in zone 5. That hurts.
But Im gonna give it another shot tonite.
Also yesterday I got reminded of why I wanted to end this blog a few weeks ago. Some people just read my thoughts the wrong way. 
And I want to try out this page break thingie so..........

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend out of Town.

Had a great time this weekend in the Minoqua, WI area. Rode a new trail in that area called the "Bearskin" State trail. Its a 18 mile point to point that runs on a abandoned railbed thru woods and lakes. Great scenery. 60 degrees and sunny didn't hurt either. The cross bike was the perfect call for the crushed gravel that runs the entire distance. Its always refreshing to hit a new trail. One can get bogged down riding the same thing time and again. Same group rides on the same day on the same route every week can bring me down. I need different once in a while. Even the great sport of cycling can get boring to me. So every once in a while I need to branch out a bit. So I will consider this weekend mission accomplished. I feel a lot better.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pending Weekend

Am heading north to Minocqua,WI right after the store closes this aft. Gonna goof off and ride some bike. Also I never drive past Paul Bunyans without stopping.
Other than that just going to forget as much as I can for a few days.
Wish me luck.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Sun is Out.

Its always nice to see the sun in the morn.  Just makes my day so much easier to start.  I need just a little less coffee on mornings like this. Today I start my day in the store. As I mentioned many times before I am torn between my day job and going full time here. I almost did make the plunge twice, only to abort seconds before it happened. But once again the urge to ditch most of lifes responsibility and become a complete bike bum is eating at me 24 hours. Sure, it will happen someday but for now there is a balance of employer\employee that would be broken if I throw my ass into the mix. So my concern is not just of what would happen to me as much as what would happen to them. So for now things stay the same. 
For now.

Even tho the temps are a bit chilly the sun begs me to ride my bike and I will accommodate. Planning on jumping on the cross bike for a turn to our local park. 15 miles or road and an hour in the woods.
I cant think of a better way to ride a bike right now. Cross bikes rule. The world.

After the store closes Saturday I am going to hop in my already packed up car and head north for a few days to try and acquire some stress relief. Not sure where I'm going but thats the way I like it. I'll decide that at the time. I invited my entire family to join and told them that whoever is in the hallway and packed at the time can go. If its nobody, I go solo....


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Game Back On.

I guess its back to game on. I couldn't make it two weeks without posting. I really think that means I dont have a life. I say "whatev". I guess its fun to post when you have something to say, and is a bummer to post when you dont. I always felt that if I was doing this blog I should do it right (nothing in moderation). And I misjudged the therapy it gave me to blog what I was thinking even if it gets me in trouble. Like I never have been in trouble before..... so......
Today as I drove to my happy place I could not help noticing that it was snowing. Pretty hard I believe. I must admit that even tho I love the State of Wisco in the summer and fall and the winter, I despise it in spring. All four months of it. Less than a week ago I was riding in shorts and short sleeves. Today its 29 degrees and snowing. This transition between winter and summer is the worst. No snow to ski, too cold and wet to ride. I guess thats why theres a bowling ally every 3 blocks in Danoville. Now is the time to head south a bit. I think of that every spring. A couple I know spent some major time in AZ last month. I say bad timing. They missed all the good skiing and cool frozen beach rides. They miss what makes winter in Wisco good. Now they return to what makes Wisco bad. Cold, windy, rainy, snowy. And thats just before noon.
Time to hibernate a few days.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Typepad (not)

During my hiatus I am testing out Typepad as another blog format. Looking at the Pro service for $14.99 per month. 
Conclusion: Not worth the money. Stay with blogger.
Thinkin' it might be a bit sooner than May 1st.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

New and Improved. Back on May 1st !

Just want to say thanks to all the emails and messages I received on my thoughts to scrap the blog. You all have changed my mind. I am going to take a break this month to unwind a little so look for the new and improved DANO 2.0 to launch on May 1st.
And feed my fish while I'm out......