Thursday, December 30, 2010

Son of a ........

The big thaw has hit and has already claimed the trails in my HP. Its gonna last another 40 hours or so. With added rain. Possible thunderstorms.
Only consolation is that we might just get the beach back for riding. Might be a boatload of ice as its gonna freeze very quick on Friday nite after a ton of rain.
Got the Nokians on Winterpinkie.
Bring it on.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Game On.

 Just bought this guy. Not a trainer.

This post has been coming for weeks. Maybe months. My weight has ballooned to its highest point in 20 years. Its to the point of bailing on the group rides cuz Im struggling so bad. I mention this not because of the time of year or holiday season. Its brought on by my declining health and poor performance in the saddle. I struggle badly just to try and finish the rides. Ditching the bike for awhile has crossed my mind due to frustration.

I realize my eating issues are stress produced. And still cant seem to keep it at bay. And its the eating thats the issue. Intense riding only "neutralizes" the problem, then the lack of riding always lets the pendulum swing toward the weight gain.
In the past, I always tried to combat with just more and more riding. Only to eat more and negate any calorie burn. Very frustrating.
 In the meantime, I have purchased a spin bike. Its not the highest end piece available but the price was right. And I really hate trainers. My weight makes trainers so unstable. 

With my impending lifestyle change, Im thinking instead of backing off the bike to maybe diving into it. Im talking full on training. The structured kind. I just might want to see how far up I can go from as far down I am. 
That would be interesting..... I think.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moving on.......

file foto
As we head into another holiday (the one I don't like) I have a lot on my mind. With my day job's days running out I am looking into the next chapter of my life.
Back in say... 2002 I was not the guy you know today. I owned a trucking company that I built from scratch. In its hey day it grossed about 6 million per year. I dumped it in 2002 cuz I was sick of working 15 hours a day. I went from making six figures to sleeping in. It was the best thing I ever did for myself in my life. 
The hardest part was adjusting my expenses. With high salary came high credit card payments. All my personal debt had to be negotiated. After a year of doing nothing I took the sales job I have today. I made half as much money and was twice as happy.

I am now at the point where this is going to happen again. My day job has me "reassigned" to another office in another city and thats not going to work for me. So I am once again preparing for this scenario to happen again. This is the wrong time of year to rely on the store for income. Jan and Feb bike stores are in survival mode. So in some ways I pumped for this, but financial worries follow. Once again I will have to negotiate my personal finances. However, I would never let that stop me. I'm the kind of guy who has no problem jumping in with my eyes closed. 

Gonna do it for real. And I am going to be a happier man for it..


Monday, December 27, 2010


Very seldom do I mention family, but thats by design. Not that I dont want to. Its just better that way. I really try to leave almost all of my personal stuff off public pages having bad experiences with stuff like that in the past.
But its the Holidays and thats good for at least one shout out. Here are my kids/grandkids. I like them.
Left to right: Jasmin and Gizmo
Jessica and Jackson
Jaimi and Willow
Christmas was a good day. A lot slower that in the past. The entire household actually took a nap sometime mid afternoon. You should have been there. It was awesome.
Hope you had a good one too.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time Found

Another awesome HP pic.
I am still amazed on how diverse my everyday HP pics turn out. About 80% of them, like this one, is taken out the window of my car. I don't even get out. I'm gonna look back and pull a top 10 of these and throw them in a folder for all to see. All of them taken within 20 yards of each other.
First thru

Having worked a 20 hour day on Tuesday gave me some well deserved time off on Wednesday and I used said time to my advantage to actually get in my first ski of the year. A couple inches of fresh snow fell overnite so the trails were in need of breaking in for the day and thats just what I did.

As expected, the first ski of the year was a bit awkward and very tiring. The snow was way sticky as it was 33 degrees out. I didn't even need to wear gloves. Im glad to get that one under my belt. Hope to get more. 
Im thinkin about grooming the trail maybe Friday morn. I got nuthin going on till late afternoon.

I am thinking that I should be getting in some bike and ski this weekend. And will try my best to do so. 
At first I was thinking about it, then checking into it, now its a done deal.
I ordered my Pugsley frame and fork. Mid Jan arrival.
Im thinking of stripping my old Fuel of its slightly used XT stuff and using that with a 1X9 in mind. I cant wait. Its not a bike for our Saturday group but plan on using it on frozen lakes and rivers, riding the snowmobile trails and stuff like that.
Would be cool to get a good group together for that.
So order yours soon!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Surviving the Holidays.....

Yesterday at 755am
Nothing really to report today. In fact, with the Holidays approaching by the end of the week I might just take a break fro this site until the Friday, when I have a day off. Still have not done any shopping but that normal for me. I get it done in one day. Walk into the mall on one end and emerge on the other completely finished. Got it down to a science. The Holidays are not my favorite time of the year for various reasons. Being a bit emo makes it hard to get thru. Everybodys attitude changes for a few weeks so I just kinda hunker down and wait for it to pass.

Yesterday at 805am
Cant let a eagle sighting go without some print. In the area we have two nesting pair and a young'en. Eagles do not turn white until sometime between their fourth and fifth year. Yesterday I saw the young'en sitting in the same tree I see the pairs. Very cool. The first time I saw any of these guys was winter of 2008. Glad to see they are hanging around. You dont see them too much in the summer as their territory is huge. In the winter they stay around the open water of the lake so we see them a lot nowadays.

Other than that my time will be taken up with trying to survive the Holidays, trying to get out on the ski's which will help me trying to survive the Holidays, and try to work as little as possible which will help be get out on the ski's and then help me with surviving the Holidays. 

Talk to ya on Friday, and if not... have a happy Xmas.


Monday, December 20, 2010

Beach Lost.

We were very disappointed to find out we lost the beach. The strong east winds during last Saturdays snow had ice pushed right up to the high water mark. While it was technically ridable, would have taken forever to get to where we had to go.  It was a cold abbreviated ride this weekend. Temps in the single digits when we started. Today we hear of more snow coming in the next few days. But its the temps that get us our beach back. Calling for 30's in a few days. That could change everything here.  Hope so. And I still have to get out on the ski's. Just too busy a weekend I guess. Im gonna stop here cuz my browser isn't working very well today. More tomorrow.  DLD  


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Report

755am. About 35 yards to the north of my usual.
Just thought I would stray a bit from my HP and move a few yards to the north. Its really amazing how many pics I took from the same spot give or take 20 feet. Im gonna put together a file of ten pics or so. Will post if I do.

And now I have a new reason to hit my HP and thats to check on the trails. A little icy as I said yesterday but still a good ski.
If your gonna do it now is the time. Its a bit on the colder side but the woods looks amazing with all the sno trees. 
Absolutely beautiful right now.

Do it for real.

Upon further inspection the beach is in bad shape as the ice has pushed way up the waterline. Hard to ride.

But that has never stopped us before.

And its only Thursday and the beach can change completely by Saturday.

Lets hope so. Planning on the ride Saturday and trying to get out on the ski's before that.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Another awesome morning at the ol' HP. Swung thru and checked on the CC ski trails I groom. The cold weather has them pretty icy. Need a couple more inches of fresh lake snow to top this off. Waiting.
In the meantime its still good to go. Stop out for a few laps.
The traffic has been low out on the trails with the colder weather.

I am also awaiting my first time out on the ski's this winter.
Sooner than later I hope.

On the storefront, I just ordered a Pugsley. Cant wait to get it.
Wanna start riding the local snowmobile trails.

Who's with me?


Monday, December 13, 2010


1X9 winterpinkie rules.
Life's been burning me out on full speed of late. 

Today at noon was the first time I had some time to sit and type at my leisure. Feels good. Soon things should slow a bit for me. If not. Then I will slow them myself.

Weekend started with the Saturday ride. I was pumped to get 1X9 winterpinkie up and running. She will be my steed for the rest of the winter. The Superfly and crossbike are both detailed and hanging in the store till warmer weather.
Saturdays ride could have been better. 
We hit the beach right off the bat and it was a bit soft for a fat guy with thinner tires. So I flipped it and rode about 2 hours solo. It was good tho as I had a ton of stuff to do in the store anyway. Got in some beach, trail and road. Nice.

 While working in the store we were selling ski's like hotcakes. The impending snow had people pumped. Me too. The storm it hard in DANOville.
And thats exciting to me. It didn't start until late Saturday nite but rocked all nite long. Went to bed smiling like a kid on Xmas eve. The morning could not come soon enough. I wake up at dawn and you could not slap the smile off my face. A tree almost fell on my daughters car. It was awesome!

I quickly hit the road in the morning and headed to my happy place and it did not disappoint. In fact, I was the first one in the park. I love that. Not having to share my HP with no one. 

I ended Sunday by grabbing the groomer and laying down some sweet classic.
I love doing stuff like this. I get to ride a snowmobile. In my HP no less. As almost on cue the sun came out while riding thru the woods. It was hard to not take any sno tree pics cuz I have hundreds already.
It takes about two hours to groom the trails in the park. More if I had more time.
So its a weekend that I would call acceptable. 


Friday, December 10, 2010

Flippin Snow!

Its not a lot but its a start. Couple inches last nite have me giddy as a schoolgirl.
More to come this weekend with hopes of grooming late Sunday?

And I did get 1X9 winterpinkie done just in time for the salt and slush. Pics to come soon. Planning on the group ride Sat morn.

Just gatta slap on some fenders.

Sorry for the vague posts of late but my time has been short.

Hope to get in a full weekend of fun stuff.

I like fun stuff.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Work And No Play.....


All work and no play makes me a dull boy. No Tuesday nite ride. Again did not make it back home in time from Milwaukee. Its now Wednesday and I have not sat on a bike since Saturday. My god do I need to bring a trainer home? Last resort.

I did make an executive decision on what Im going to ride this winter. I am turning SS RoadPinkie to WinterPinkie 1X9.
Hope to get this done by Saturday.
Will let you know how that go's.
Good thing I have a bike mechanic on my payroll.
Thats a perk I never talk about.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Ride.

Saturday, 910am
Finally we get in a true winter ride. As strange as it sounds it felt good to once again battle the elements. While the snowfall amounts were very disappointing here in Danoville we did at least get a chance to ride in it a bit. The woods was very frozen and fast. I had to bring the Superfly as I stripped out a set screw on one of my brakes on the cross, rendering the brake useless. So I kicked it on the frozen trails and even had a chance to podium there. The 29er rules.

However my smile turned to a frown once we hit the beach for several reasons. First off was the fact that I was riding my Superfly Elite on the beach. The sand was not entirely froze and throw in the water crossings and the bike was a mess. Some days are better, some are worse in this respect. A completely frozen beach is way better cuz its drier. But a wet beach ride is a disaster for the driveline and when I returned back to the store, decided enough was enough for the high priced bike and its now retired for the year, will get polished up and will hang in the store somewhere only to return to action next spring for WORS.
I need to throw some kind of winter bike together. And fast. Will have to think about that and only have a week to figure it out.

Another big ass boat.
The ride to the restaurant had the beach in pretty good shape, It was froze just enough for me to even pull a little bit as we pelotoned along the lake. However, the ride home was not so good for me. The sand softened up a bit and since I weigh at least 100 pounds more than most I sunk in a ton and struggled. For me it was like a 15 mile climb. I stayed with it for the most part but toward the end was down to 8mph. I barely made it back to the store.
Everything hurt. Neck, back, legs, arms, everything.
I was so sore last nite I could not get to sleep. Wow.

And as bad as I felt I could not help think that I sure need more of this.


Friday, December 3, 2010

Its Frday

Its Friday and I have taken the day off from the day job. With them having me drive to Milwaukee and Chicago everyday I have not been able to spend any daylite hours in DANOville for two weeks. So I asked them to be able to work out of my own office today they said no and so I bailed on today.
Day off with no pay. I dont care. Been so stressed lately with falling so behind at the store.
Today is catchup. Hope I can get it all done. And that includes a cross bike ride.

Things started off on the right foot today as the resident eagle made his presence know to me this morn while visiting my happy place. Impending snow may have me grooming the trails in and around the HP soon but I heard most of the snow will miss us. But its a start.

Since I have a ton of eagle pics I now try to sneek up on them and try to snap a pic when they bolt.  Hence the fly away pic. Watched him\her fly south for several minutes. Very cool.
It brightens my day. 

Plan on the group ride in the morn. Most likely  we will have beach. I still have not decided what bike to ride thru winter. The Superfly has one or two rides left in it and then its shined up and retired till next spring.
Most likely I will use my cross and take most of the carbon off. At least the wheels. But then next spring I will have to plan on a new driveline for sure. As I mentioned  a few posts ago, this bike was on Treks demo program but I used it a bit too much and had to buy it personally. So I now own my very own cross bike! But its always for sale tho......
So off come the Eastons and on with the crappiest wheelset I can find in the basement.
Ready for salt, slush and sand.

Wife's out of town this weekend so Im gonna be on my own till late Sunday and thats a scary thought.
Lets see how much trouble I can get into.

But first I gatta get off the computer and get some bike store work done.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Chicago

Spending the day in Chicago for work.

Hanging out near Midway.

Be here all day.

Really do not know what else to say.

I did hear the good news about snow this weekend.

I am smiling.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blustery Day

As expected I bailed on the nite ride again.
After a full day of working in a city I dont want to be in, sitting in a 5X5 cubicle that I dont want to be sitting in, driving the hour and a half of traffic that I dont want to be driving in, I just am not in the mood by the time I hit the store.

By that time I have been white knuckling the car at 80mph to try and get back in time to ride, only to hit the store with tons of issues to handle in my absence.

That, along with all the holiday stuff one need to do this time of year and Im stressed one step beyond.

I try to hold on to happy thoughts. This morn at my HP it was snowing. Not a lot but its that kind of cold blustery day that reminds one of impending snow. I am waiting.

But Im not a very patient man.
So bring it on.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Think its Tueday

Just a couple of things today. I think I will use bullets if you don't mind.
Sad ski trail. Waiting.
  • My HP visits are way too short of late. The last week or so Im always running late to something. Work, store or whatever. Gatta slow down soon.....
  • I actually rode my bike(s) three out of the last four days. Like it!
  • Just bought "My Chemical Romance's" new CD out just last Thursday. Like it!
Todays HP visit includes a bit of a walk thru on the impending ski trails. Signage is up and they are ready to go. As am I as the trail groomer is prepped!
Thinking how sad they looked today.
I feel their pain. Hope snow is on the way soon.

Tonite is another edition of the TNR (Tuesday nite ride) and Im gearing up to go. Last week I let a bad day get the best of me and skipped it. Conditions are no way as good tonite but I will strap on my lites with a smile on my face weather I want to or not. Superfly is still muddy from last weeks rides so that means its prepped. Lites have been on charge for two weeks so that means their prepped.
No excuses.

At least none that I can think of right now.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


914am and moving.
Its been awhile. Well, awhile for me anyway. T-day went well. Nice MTB ride in the morn. 2 hours in the woods at 38 degrees and muddy. Then instead of the full blown 30 count family get together it was just us and the kids and grandkids. Very nice. And simple.

Black Friday went well. Doubled last years so I'm happy. For the most part, December dictates how a bike store handles Jan and Feb. So far so good. Need snow.

Saturdays breakfast ride was a short one for me as I had to work the store at 10am with all others out of town for the holidays. So it was only an hour and a half for me but had some of the best beach riding to date. I cant remember the last time the beach was this ride friendly this early.
Meeting at store at 8am

Hope this means winter is coming soon. I'm running to my bedroom window every morning like 10 year old kid wishing for snow. 19 degrees at ride time this morn kept the clothing choice a no brainer. Full on winter. I just got a new pair of PI Amfib tights to replace my 6 year old ones and I really like them. You can feel the improvements. Very warm and highly recommend them for all you winter riders.

And once again the weather dudes are calling for warmer temps for the next few days. Looks like Sunday just might be a cross bike ride. 
Maybe some miles involved with that one. We'll see.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miss n Out

I hate when this happens. I was in a bad mood after racing 80 mph home last nite and my stubbornness only hurt myself.
I made it back from Milwaukee about an hour before ride time was just too stressed out and crabby and bailed.

Bad decision by me as I already got the email that it was a epic ride with frozen beach and moonlite. The kind of conditions you get maybe every other year.

This working in Milwaukee is cramping my style. If I rode last nite I would not have gotten home till 9pm, in bed an hour later and up and out the house before light. I have not been in the store in three days. I am suffering here.
Alas I am reprieved Thursday and Friday and will spend the time riding and working the store. Bike ride Thurs, then black Friday in the store. Sellin'

Once again this turn of events at my day job has me pondering going full time at the store but the timing would be very bad. The Xmas season will come and go and the store will be in hibernation mode for two months. I could find something else to do to fill the gap those two months. Its not impossible.

I will give this two weeks to see how it plays out. Then have a long conversation with my employer. And make a decision based on what they see my role here will be ongoing. While I do like my day job if push came to shove and could not do both job and store the decision would not be hard to make. I like my store and have a lot of money invested in it.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday and Im sure I will be posting thruout. Get out and ride.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Late Post Tuesday

Sorry for the late posts. Im commutin' back and forth to Milwaukee everyday for my day job. For about 3 weeks. Its not the best of situation for me. But whatever.
Todays brief HP stop was on my way to said office and will be that way for awhile.

Was 18 degrees when this pic was taken and you can see that cold temps makes the water look funny. No waves but really bumpy. Looks weird.

Tonites TNR will be a good one I think. Cold temps and two days of rain\mist might have the beach in prime condition. Nite rides on the beach are the coolest. And a almost full moon might add to the ambiance. Superfly is ready and lites are charged!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Early Beach Ride

Once again temps plummeted and we had another early beach ride. Really, this is the second time we rode the sand and we usually are not able to do so until some time in December but the 24 degrees at ride time Saturday had us dressing in full winter mode and made it easy for me to decided what to wear. I nailed it.
However it was not going to be a normal ride for me today. I was battling some kind of stomach flu and really could not keep much down for several days. I almost decided to bail but thought a crappy, slow, getting dropped ride is better than none.
And thats really what it was for me.

I skipped the laps in the woods and headed right to the beach with a few buds riding with me. With the wind at our backs we had no problem maintaining an easy 15mph and I thought maybe I could do the entire ride.

But when we decided to wait for the rest to emerge from the woods I did flip it and I headed home solo. And as I rode back the beach got softer pretty fast. Check the tire marks in the first pic, I took that one heading back. Compared to the second, with the guys. That one was going out. In just 30 minutes the beach was losing its freeze.

Unless its below zero you can never be guaranteed the sand is frozen. There are many factors in play here. Of course temp is a big deal. But Saturday it was getting soft at 26 degrees. The amount of moisture is also a big factor. Right now there is not a lot. The sun also can thaw out the sand on a cold day.

I still managed almost two hours and that was a bonus based on how I felt.
Spent the rest of the day in the store getting ready for black Friday and hanging Xmas stuff. Its that time of year.
Still under the weather on Sunday had me on the couch most of the day. I stepped outside once. Of course watched a lot of football.
I'm glad I did lay low cuz it was crappy out anyway. And I feel better this morn(I think).

I hear snow may be on the way......


Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday w\Gloom

File photo from last winter...
Its getting to the point where I'm ready to ditch the bike for awhile and pick up them ski's. Since its all gloomy and looks like it can snow any minute.
 This morn on my HP visit one of the Park Rangers stopped me and asked if I was willing to groom the trails again.

Are you kidding? I would love to. And they asked if I was up to adding a little more trail to the system.

Are you kidding? I would love to. So now I'm all like in the woods and scouting another loop. Totally cool.

Now all its gatta do is snow. I remember the last two years we were skiing by the first week of December. That could happen....

Tomorrows Saturday morning group ride will be starting in the mid 20's for a temp. That means the beach most likely will be frozen. I still don't have a winter bike but need to get on that quickly. I most likely will just take all the cool carbon stuff off the cross bike and toss an old wheelset on and go. Most bikes I ride I try to ride minimally cuz I gatta resell them but the cross bike is going on two years now and its pretty used. I guess I'll have to buy this one if I'm gonna ride it thru winter.

Cool, a bike that's actually mine.

Have a good weekend.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Big Ship with Weight Loss.

Almost every HP visit now comes with a ship. This was again the second of two I watched float passed me this morn and I just relaxed and watched. And drank coffee. Deeming today's visit a good one.
Today my thoughts drifted toward my weight. I think about it a lot and almost never write about it. Considered a losing battle and sounding like a broken record keep me from complaining out loud.
But its on my mind pretty much everyday and I keep wondering how much my quality of life would increase with a loss.

When I think about it I have so much more to gain than a "regular" person. With all my outside activity's one would think that it would be a no brainer to really get serious. Just think of how much more enjoyment I would get out of riding and racing my bike.
And since thats such a big part of my life and work one would think I would be on that.
I had a taste of it back in 2008 when I separated from my wife and lost 40 plus pounds for reasons I cant explain. I didn't diet.
As much as I try there is no way I can replicate what happened to me that summer. I remember I rode a bike a ton. I ate simple. I didn't sleep much. While I wish I could lose weigh there's no way I could do it that way again. It could have killed me.

Another awesome reason to lose weight is that fact that I have to sleep with a CPAP machine. Its a machine with a small mask you put on at nite that forces air so you breath easier. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 1998 and have had one ever since. However, after my loss hit the 30+ pounds mark in 2008 I no longer needed it and slept well without. That lasted about 6 months. It was a very sad day for me to realize I gained enough weight back to warrant its use again. I didn't talk to anyone for two days.

Racing is another reason. I love to race bikes. Its a blast. And I do not need to win. But its almost a necessity for me to at least be in the game. I need to be able to at least mix it up so I can tell a story about it.
My thought now are since I just turned 50 there is a better opportunity to hit up a Masters cat. And not 1\2 Masters.... the 4\5 Masters. Track and Cross would be awesome and would be my focus. Of course MTB. But right now I could not even ride at that level with all this weight.

Do I have goals? You bet. Tons of them. Too many in fact. As time go's on I switch from goal to goal to fit my failure at the time.
I need one goal.
And since my motivation it tough to kick start its gatta be a fun goal. Not just numbers. That's boring.
Since its cross I wanna do how bout this...
High goal: Race Worlds Masters in Louisville and finish mid pack (50 percentile)

Medium goal: Race CrossVegas and finish midpack (dealer category)

Low goal: Race WCA Masters 4\5 and finish top 5 (or close)
Today even the low goal is well out of my reach. The others Im not even sure I can do even with weight loss. But throw in just a little organized training and ????

Anyway, this is the stuff I think about when Im at my HP or just in the store staring out into the floor.
This is the time of year we all think of this stuff and I'm not alone. On the group rides you hear a lot of talk like this with sentences ending with "but next year....". A lot of 2011 race plans being dreamed up nowadays.
You can never start too early I guess.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Last nites TNR was a good one. Nobody got lost or flatted. 11 bikes total for 2 hours.
Pace was moderate as I didn't get dropped too bad and at times was actually in the game.

Pretty sure I have more nite rides in the last two weeks than all of last year. And that's a good thing as I have a ton of catching up to do.

Last nite I was cleaning out my corner in the store office and I came upon my 2010 WORS plate. And thought how sad it was that I only got to do 3 races. This was the first series number I bought in 6 years, all the races since have been day numbers. I was pumped to plan on at least 6 this summer, most likely more.

By my third (and last) race in Wausau I was feeling good on the bike and knew my fitness was on the upside. Even tho I outweighed most of the Clydes chose I ran my age group and finished 7th out of 17. I was very happy. It was my first race on a 29er. Then a few days later I got into a skirmish with a car and that was that. About a month off the bike to heal and I never got back in sync with my fitness. I chased it for two months and then just gave up.

Last nites ride would have a piece of cake in the past but the effort I had to put in was painful. Especially this morn. Everything hurt.  Its weird how hard it is to come back from a thing like that. I thought I would just hop on the bike and go. How wrong I was. It really affected my entire summer of riding. I wasn't ready for any of the fall century's. The biggest ride I got in this year was the day long cross ride up north in July. 

That one hurt too if I remember correctly.

So now the store has slowed and I am getting some good bike rides in.

Better late than never.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Report

Its a good day when I see something different during the mornings HP visit. In the winter months (I guess that's what it is now) you see a ton of the big ships cruising the length of Lake Michigan. They run closer to shore thru out the colder season. You can see some pretty big ones. I saw one way bigger than this one just a half hour before....

I guess I already blew the three post week out of the water. I accually like posting almost everyday. It something I do in the store early when its quiet. It kinda relaxes me. And it go's well with my coffee.

I just wanted to go to the 3 post week cuz there is not a lot of people who post almost everyday and I didn't want people to think I was weird for doing so. But it just so happens I have the time most mornings. So there.

Tonite is another instalment of the TNR (Tuesday nite ride) and its gonna be one of those rides again where I just don't know what to wear. I am terrible on figuring out how many layers to wear. Last Tuesday was not enouph, then Thursday nite was way too much. I really only have two levels of clothes. One for the "cooler" rides that pretty much is just arm and knee warmers, and the other is full blown winter with PI Amfibs and long sleeve thermal layers on top. 
Tonite will be another ride that I need to be in between. And I will suffer. I just need to decide which way to suffer.

Like that really matters.....


Monday, November 15, 2010


Store is on corner by cars. LeAnn is in theater.
  My store is located just a few doors down from the Sheboygan Theater which is now called the Weill Center. I remember my parents taking me to movies here. Thru the 80's and 90's it mostly sat abandoned but some local historic society raised about a zillion dollars and had it all fixed up.
 Its a really neet place inside and brings back a ton of childhood memories when I'm in it. Nowadays it sees some fairly famous and some has beens. Davey Jones was there last week and Friday nite had LeAnn Rimes singin' just four doors down from the store. I don't listen to her at all or own any of her music but that gal sure can sing. I waited a long time outside to get a glimpse of her to no avail. Denied. I waited until the store closed and even kept it open an extra hour cuz I had a dream a week earlier that she stopped in the store. Again denied. Her bus was in our ally behind the store and security was tight. Its kinda cool to have this right next to the store. Even if Danny Gokey is there next Friday. Moving on with bike stuff....

Saturday had most of us thinking the group ride was going to get rained out but you would have lost that bet. We rolled the entire 3 hours only to get sprinkled on during the last 5 miles and that was fine by me as I thought I had a tire going down and split from the group and TT'd it a bit until I realized I was going to make it back to the store. Flatting with tubulars is a fear that I have nightmares about. I do carry a small tube of Tufo sealer but who knows if that stuff really works? Turns out it was a problem with my valve extender. A shot of CO2 and I was back on. The closer to the store the heavier the rain.  With steady rain hitting not long after we got back.
Perfect timing.
Rest of the day was back in the store's office checking in our ski shipment. As I mentioned before I am always torn between thoughts this time of year. Do I pray to keep the trails open to ride the Superfly or do I pray for snow so I can get out on the ski's? I do try to hang on to the bike but when I'm ready for snow the feeling hits me like a two ton heavy thing. And it just hit. I want snow. Soon and a lot.

Sunday was a another slow day. Worked the store a little. Nice and quiet has me way more productive in the office. Spent some time at the H.P. Spent some time on the couch watching football. Went out for a burger and then to bed. 
Going to start the Monday-Wednesday-Friday post schedule this week and see how that go's. I would imagine the posts will be a bit longer and thats not a good thing. Blog reading has an attention span of about a minute and a half. Any content longer than that most of the time is a waste of words.  This is trial basis only.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Another TNR.

Comparing lites. Brightest lite is the Alpha male.
This time its a Thursday nite ride. Not to be confused with a Tuesday nite ride. This time of year ya gatta hit it hard as the clock is ticking, the weather could turn any day now. Like today. Cold and drizzle. Cold and drizzle thru the weekend. Bummer.

But last nite was a very entertaining ride in the kettles of Greenbush. 50 degrees with the stars out made it a fun ride. At one point we heard two coyotes packs howling and yipping at each other. Totally cool as one pack seemed less than 100 yards away. At that point no one wants to be the last in line in the singletrack as we all know they go after the weakest. After that it was carb loading in the ski warming chalet. Weird that I hope to skiing here in a month.

The weekend is up for grabs as the weather dudes say cold and rain. I can ride in the rain. I can ride in the cold. But I do not ride in a cold rain. So I will prep for the Saturday morn group ride and look outside when I roll out of bed in the norm. Decision made at game time.

I guess Sunday will be the same procedure.

Have a good weekend. Make the best of it.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 Post Week?

Its been a busy few days for my day job and today was the first time I got the chance to tour the HP this morn. Was very pleasant.

I also have not been to the store since last Friday and hate to see the pile on my desk. Will get that privilege in a few hours. We got a boat load of ski's that needs to be checked in.

That, along with all my good intentions of riding a bike around noon today. SS Pinkie. Then tonite is another nite ride out in the northern kettles of Greenbush. I will like that. The weather is about to turn towards winter so the window of opportunity is today.
I have been thinking of constraining myself to posting on Mon-Wed-Fri. But I actually like to post so its not that Im losing interest, its just getting harder to find the time. 

It seems that the blogs I read have been dropping like flies. Its getting tough to list blogs that are current. Especially the girls. I have a hard time finding girls that post regular. Maybe this blog phenomenon has ran its course. I guess I will keep it up as long as I enjoy it. Back in spring I did end it, only to miss it and start again. 
Busy times like that last few days always make me think of ditching it again.

No rash decisions.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday Nite Ride.

Another TNR in the books. We do this ride until the snow gets too deep in the woods. And then we try to hit the beach for a few yet. The ride seems to hang on until the cross country skiing gets good. Thats always a love\hate relationship with me. As much as I want to hang on the the ride as long as I can, I do want to get out on the trails to ski a few laps too. Would be cool to be able to do both. Perfect world.

Last nite's ride had a few issues. We all had this happen once or twice on group rides. We had a good group of about 10 or so but one guy kept falling back. This guy is way faster than I am but he has his SS geared way to low and was spun out on all the fast sections. So he was having a spot of difficulty keeping up. 

Several times a couple bikes waited. We regrouped several times. However, blasting thru the woods on what was the second of three laps we noticed he was gone. Most of the riders, including him did not have an idea where the trails go in these woods. Turns out the guy just flipped it and left. Telling no one. I have done this on road rides but in this situation we thought the guy was lost and spent the better part of an hour back tracking and tracing. Again, not knocking the rider for struggling, but bailing without calling it out left us scrambling for quite a while. 

So the ride was a bit different but I always say a bad ride is better than a good anything else.

And it really was not a bad ride. 2 hours of peddling.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SS Pinkie

By now you have all heard of the bike I call pinkie. Im sure everyone here has a bike like this. One that you just will never get ride of. Pinkie and I have been together thru thick and thin. Ive raced her, rode her on the frozen beach, and she toured Wisconsin with me in 08'.
Here's just some of the configurations she has seen....

Here in full tour mode. Just add a Burley Nomad trailer and off I went. 15 days in Aug. of 08.
900 solo miles of not knowing where I was going to end up at the end of the day. Wind direction pretty much dictated where I went. 
As I left DANOville I was a little scared but when I got back I cried a little cuz it was over. I for sure want to do this again.

Here we are in full race mode for the cross season fall of 08.

Raced her about 8 times. Has fun 7 times.
Wait..... no.... fun all 8 times.

Here we have full on winter mode. Fendered for all the shush and sandy beachy winter rides.

She has done well for me thru 2 full winters.
But.... I have retired her for all cold weather riding and now is living the life of a roadie.

This is pretty close to what she looks like today. A single speed roadie. However, I have since added a pink seat, seatpost and a few more small trinkets. Also, today she has a full FSA carbon crank that I took off my track bike that I never rode. Over the winter I will put that one back and get her a new one of her own.

She will stay in this mode until the day we part. Which will be the day I die.

This bike has seen me thru my best days and my worst. The memories tied to this bike are unmeasurable. In my new world of bike store owner I go thru bikes like crazy. New Madones, Top Fuels and Superflys abound.
But none match the feeling I get when I ride pinkie. Seems all the new bikes just feel like one nite stands, but with pinkie its a long term relationship that no 6.9 Madone could replace.
Today, the bike sits behind the counter of the store. 
Stop in and visit her anytime.
If your nice to me, I might even let you take her for a spin around the block.