Monday, June 17, 2019

Weekend w\Pics


Had a pretty good weekend. One ride, two hikes. Rain, cold, some sun.
Saturday started out with a nice walk. It was cold so I waited for it to warm up a bit before I did anything. Which was a mistake as it started in the low 60's and was 52 by the time I got out to the park for a walk. Temps going in the wrong direction.
But a nice walk it was.


Then the ride. After I got home from the walk I left the house with the bike in commuter (full assist) mode. Got to the park and it was a little wet still so it was an abbreviated ride in the woods. The high water this spring has been working on the trails. Eating more of the trail every time I ride there it seems.


So I didnt want to beat up the trails and decided to do a little urban assault. With the assist in full gas mode I tooled around the lakefront a little. Still some Pelicans hanging around on the pier. The strange thing about the eMTB is that you can just crank it up and you go 19mph pretty much all the time. So even tho its got big fat tires I still can get around as good or better than a road bike. I never drive over to the park anymore. Not I ride and get there in 6 minutes which is most likely faster than a car.

Sunday woke to a steady cold rain.


Sunday was just a walk day. Morning rain made trails way too muddy to ride. And woke to 49 degrees. So I waited until near noon and headed back the the Park. I saw this Eagle. Soaking wet from jumping in the lake to grab the fish under his\her claws. Crows were flocking around and giving the Eagle a hard time but he\she did not give notice. 
I debated weather to head over to the Park Sunday and its things like this that reaffirm that I need to get outside every chance I get. Its little rewards like this one that keep me going. 

Its looking dry Mon|Tues so the Tuesday nite ride should be a good one. 
I'll let you know.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Another Tues Nite Ride

Another Tuesday nite ride in the books. Over 15 bikes. Not bad for the second night. 

While some rain came just an hour before the ride it was just enough to knock down the dust as the trails were in great shape.

I hope to grow this ride this summer. I even have plans to get a jersey made up. That should be fun. e start traveling to other trails systems next week!

I started the night riding a lap with the fast guys. Now that I can its a lot of fun to ride with those guys again. But I dont forget my slow riding buddy's. After a fast lap I cut down the assist on the bike and ride with them too.

Thats the great thing about the eBike. I can ride with everybody. And for me thats the only reason I need to ride such a bike. Im a social butterfly.

I just enjoy my saddle time so much more now. I still dont have a road\gravel bike and I do plan on getting one but Im not in a hurry. Im having so much fun riding with so many new people and places that I could not do before.

I really do need a weekend away soon and Im sure when I grab the opportunity it will be last minute and thats fine by me. Most likely alone.

Thats going to be it for this week. Have a good rest of your week and weekend.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Last Weekend.


Another weekend came and gone. Not the most interesting weekend. No bike stuff on Saturday. Which was a shame as the weather this weekend was amazing. Sunday I did get a morning ride in before that rain came in the afternoon.
Was a nice relaxing ride Sunday. I had the park all to myself and sometimes I like that. Stopped a few times to watch a Redtail Hawk look for food and then once to watch a baby deer follow its Mom around. Rides like that sure help with the stress levels. 

Now my attention turns to tomorrows Tuesday nite ride. Looks like the weather will be favorable. Will look forward to seeing how many show up.


Soon that ride will travel. Its fun to ride other systems. More on that later. Maybe a full report Wednesday.

Moving on. Its been so long since I have had a weekend out of town. The last was for the Fat Bike Birkie in early March. And that was a disaster that had me coming home the next day. Before that I think the last real weekend out was late November. Up in Marquette.
So I am planning something soon I hope. Maybe even before the July 4th weekend.

Im also been thinking of doing some bike packing. Again. Last fall I decided I was never going to do that again and sold almost everything I had in that respect. I still do have my expensive tent, air pad and other camping trinkets. What I dont have is a bike. Racks and bags either.  I'll need to get that stuff again. As far as the actual trip it will be nothing fancy. Short, pretty local. Will keep it simple.

I have a bike in mind but wont say anything until its a done deal. Its more than likely a month out yet.

So thats it for now. Might post on the Tuesday nite ride maybe on Wednesday.