Monday, July 22, 2019


Birkie Start line. Also Ojibwe trailhead.

Im posting a day early as I cant make the Tuesday nite ride this week due to my grandson in a baseball tournament and I need to be there. But I just returned home from 3 days in Gods Country. So there's that.

Got up to Hayward (actually Seeley) around noon on Friday. The radar was showing some huge storms coming our way. We figured we had about 2 hours so I decided we were going to go old school on the Ojibwe trail. This trail is near the run down and deserted Telemark resort and was one of the original MTB trails build in the 80's. 

Telemark is still there but for how long? Cant believe a "mystery" fire has not happened. I sure miss this place.

You could sure tell the Ojibwe trails were old by the design and such. They may be old but there has been quite a few updated and touch ups.  Its a nice loop that takes about 2 hours to do (give or take). 

We did not make it out dry.

This map was way more important that any trail map this weekend. At times we dealt with downpours, wind and lightning. Just south of us was hail. Glad that did not show up. 

After getting cleaned up and talking about tomorrow over a local beer we decided to ride early Saturday to beat the oncoming storms that were to come mid day.
We decided to ride out of the Mosquito Brook trail head and ride 30 minutes south and back and if the rain was holding off then 30 minutes north. An hour each way.Two hour ride but never real far from the car.

We rode dry about 20 minutes and got to the car soaking wet at 45 minutes. This time the rain was not a true downpour but it was lightning quite a bit making it interesting once again. So day two on Saturday was a bust with about a 45 minute soggy ride. Around noon the sun came out and the trails were dry by 4pm. We did consider giving it another shot but I just was not motivated that late in the day.
The best ride of the weekend was Sunday. Go figure as we had to go home right after. We started at the OO trail head and rode out Seeley Pass. A ride I have done many times.

Riding up to the highest point in the trail system.

We headed out with a couple local fast guys and I had a blast. I had to crank the assist up a bit to keep up but it was so fun to ride with those guys (and gal). Even with more assist I was on the rivet more often than not. 

I even rode up Seeley Fire Tower. An iconic climb in the Fat Tire 40 MTB race. Whenever I did the race it was a walk up for me. And even that was tough. But it was fun to follow the guys (and gal) up the climb. Was the first time I ever rode it and the fact I was on a ebike was OK by me. I remember this climb being so rocky and I think it still was but its so overgrown and green. Almost unrecognizable. I rode right past it without knowing. The vid does not give it justice. Its long with 4 tiers to deal with. The vid just shows the last tier.

On Sunday after the ride I rode over the new ski bridge by OO trail head. So many cool things going on up here. Like I said in the prior post its been awhile since I got up here for summer riding and I need to really do it more. The trails will never disappoint. Especially now with some ehelp. I can ride twice as many trails as before and how could that ever be a bad thing?


Thursday, July 18, 2019


Back in the day I used to keep tabs on the freighters that sailed past quite a bit. Nowadays not as much but every once in a while is see one. Im not sure which on this is as I saw it on a bike ride but its for sure one of just four 1000 footers that cruise past. I used to write many posts on this stuff.

The Tuesday nite ride was a hot one but about 10 bikes showed. We pretty much all stayed together all night and a good time was had by all. 
Next week we are at Greenbush. Some noted displeasure about going out there and its nice to see people who dislike the place like I do. Just so many rocks. And thats OK for awhile but after an hour it gets old.  But its close so we ride it. Beggers cant be choosers.

The long sleeve order will go out Friday for sure. The short sleeve will be here in a few weeks. Looking forward to that. Contact me if still interested in a long sleeve. Next up will be bib shorts.....

So even tho the bike is not done I've been riding it a ton. Almost 4 hours last weekend. Thats a lot for me these days. Im going to change the bar tape this week. And then go shopping for some carbon wheels. After that it will be good to go. I just put on the Bontrager GR1 40c tires on and love them. I glad to be back riding a road (gravel) bike. My average MPH is way down but since I dont group ride anymore thats fine by me. 14/15 mph average is just fine when solo.

I sure have gotten a lot of comments about riding a Specialized. Its all good. I just wanted to patronize the local bike shops. I still dont order anything online. I just wont to it. I'll post a review on the bike another day. But I like it.

Its official. Im headed up to Hayward this weekend. Leaving tomorrow (Friday) morn. Get up there by noon, have lunch and ride. Its been a long time since I've been there in summer. Only once last fall. I had the ebike and I remember a little snow on the ground. This visit I think we will get to WinMin for sure. I'll also bring the gravel bike and hit up the Bearskin in Minocqua. Thats always a go to trail for gravel. Limestone actually. Either way I hope to ride a ton.

Thats it for this week. Will spend the day taking care of loose ends at work then prepping for the long weekend. Its going to be hot. Near 100 here and over 90 up there. Will start start drinking (water) today. 

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Last Nite

The Tuesday nite ride had great weather this week for a change. Back on our home turf here in town. It was a nice ride for all. Faster guys went fast. Slower guys and gals went slower. I rode with both groups being the social butterfly that I am.

And the fact that I can push a button and ride with the fast guys. Unpush the button to ride with the slower (normal) group. Im really enjoying the woods as much as I did 20 years ago.
Next Tuesday will be back at Evergreen. The groups are so much bigger when we stay home but we do have some travel in our future.... More to come on that later.


Last Saturday I SAG'd for the Salvation Ride here in town. Most people do not recognize me in this car. And thats OK. I fixed two flats all day with no big issues. I stuck to the 50 and 62 mile routes and was home by noon. I did see quite a few 100 milers ride past my house later in the day. Most looked to be moving pretty good for 90+ miles at the time.

Its been many years since I did a century. I think my last one was 2012. I rode 30 miles last Friday and it damn near killed me. 


But I will be riding more road miles with the new bike. I still dont want to show it off as its still not done. Wheels, tires and bar tape still not here. I did put about 50 miles on it last week and do like it. I just dont want to show it off until its done. Im kinda weird like that. Next week for sure!

So thats about it for this week. Considering heading up to Marquette for a quickie this weekend. I'll see what the weather looks like.